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Today’s tasks that I would like to be returned will be some feedback with possible photographs of how you got on with the threading activity and The What am I clues activity.  Please send them to the email address: nursery@Leigh.covmat.org


Today the children are beginning to learn to identify and say the phoneme ‘y’.  I will provide a link to a video via email for the children to watch and follow to learn the sound.


Physical Development

For this activity you will need some straws, scissors and string/wool.

This activity will support the skill of using scissors as well as fine motor development by way of threading.  You simple cut the starws into smaller strips and then lace them back together with the string to make a chain.

If you are unable to use these resources, then any controlled scissor activity would work to practice the skill of using scissors.  have threading beads instead then you can use these or any other threading activity which you have at home.

Please send in photographs of your threading activity.

Understanding of the World

To continue with our theme of Growth we will be learning about Growth and life stages in animals this week.  If you can print out worksheets below you can draw a line from the adult animal to its young.    

If you cannot print them out you may be able open the PDF on a laptop and annotate it using the drawing tools.  You could also use matching puzzles if you have them at home or toy animal figures to address the same learning.

Communication and Language

Using the PowerPoint below the children must guess which animal is hiding by paying close attention to the small sections that are revealed.  Can they describe what they can see and link it to their reason for their guess?

Please give some feedback about how your child got on with task.