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Today the children are beginning to learn to identify the phoneme ‘w’.  I will provide a link to a video via email for the children to watch and follow to learn the sound.



Using the Toy shop money game below can the children pay for the toys by counting out the 1p coins up to the value of the toy. A good habit to adopt is to check your counting out before you press the check button.

Please send in photographs of your learning.

Returning to school

Many of the children are really eager to get back to school and see their friends and teachers, but they are also anxious and sad that they will have to part from their parents after having had all of this time at home. I will record and send a video link of the classroom for you to share with your child today.  Alongside this I have provided a social story to help you to discuss your child's worries and wishes about returning to school.


The worksheets provided do not need to be printed out but they are more of a guide to help you to structure your discussion around.


1. Share all your great lockdown memories.

2. Express your top 5 worries about coming to school and about solutions to support these.  You could colour in each worry after you have found a solution!

3. Share your top 5 things you are looking forward to most about coming back to school.


If you would like to record a video of your child saying hello to their class friends for me to share via our class email then please send them in to the nursery class email.