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Todays tasks that I would like to be returned will be some feedback with possible photographs of how you got on with the scarf activity and some photographs of your child role playing being a firefighter.  Please send them to the email address: nursery@Leigh.covmat.org



Today the children are beginning to learn to identify and say the letter sounds starting with the phoneme ‘a’.  I will provide a link to a video via Marvellous Me for the children to watch and follow to learn the sound.


Physical Development

Early writing does not start in the fingers.  It begins with our whole body and our gross motor movements.  Today I would like the children to use a scarf to make big imaginary patterns and shapes in the air.  Can they make a huge zig-zag pattern by waving the scarf in a zig-zag fashion?  Can they make really big circles and then make the circles smaller and smaller so that they start with using their whole arm and end up using just their wrist to make the pattern.  Use the picture cards below to give you some idea of the marks that you can make.

Please send in photographs and let me know which patterns were easier or harder.

Story time

Listen to the story of Charlie and the Firefighter following the link below. Listen carefully as your grown up will ask you some questions at the end. Can you remember all the things that a firefighter has to do?



Expressive Arts and Design

Following on from listening to the story can you use all the things that you remember about being a firefighter to make up your own role play game.  Maybe you have some chairs or a cardboard box that you can use to be a fire engine, or a dressing gown belt to pretend to be a hose to put out the fire?  Could you save a cat from a tree?

Please send in some photographs of you pretending to be a firefighter.