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Todays tasks that I would like to be returned will be some feedback with possible photographs of how you got on with the adding one more maths task and your T-shirt designs.  Please send them to the email address: nursery@Leigh.covmat.org



Today the children are beginning to learn to identify and say the letter sounds starting with the phoneme ‘t’.  I will provide a link to a video via Marvellous Me for the children to watch and follow to learn the sound.



Today we are going to use a counting rhyme to help us to think about what happens when we add one more.  Use the PowerPoint presentation below to help you to say or sing the rhyme.  Using your fingers can you show what happens each time another fire fighter joins the crew.  (Parents can you please reinforce the term ‘one more’.)

If you have little people figures maybe after you can place one down and ask your child to add one more.  Repeat adding one more until you eventually have 5 firefighters.  If you would like to challenge yourself then you could keep adding your pretend firefighters one at a time until you have ten

Please email me some photographs of your learning.

Physical Development

For Physical Education today I would like the children to practice their listening and attention skills.  Being able to listen attentively is a skill which can help us to stay safe.

I would like you to play musical statues.  When the music is playing you must dance, but be ready in case the music stops, because when the music stops playing you have to standstill on the spot.  It is lots of fun if you can get more than one person to play because you can make it into a competition to see who can stay still.  Then play the music again and start dancing until your grown up stops it again.

You could also find another Cosmic Yoga programme to follow or go outdoors for a walk or bike ride if the weather permits.



This week we are going to think about how we can help others to achieve their goals.  Listen to the story of the ‘The best dress ever!’. 


After listening discuss the key points of the story


  • What was the goal that the friend wanted to achieve?
  • Did she achieve it straight away?
  • Did her friends laugh at her when they did not think her dress was good?
  • How did they encourage their friend to do better?
  • Is there anything that we can learn from these friends?


Can you think about how you could make the best T-shirt?  What do you need to do to make it just right? Get some advice from a friend/adult/sibling at home?

Please email photographs of your T-shirts.