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In maths we will be covering a variety of units within Maths No Problem, including ‘Percentage’, ‘Ratio’, ‘Algebra’, ‘Area and Perimeter’, ‘Volume’ and ‘Position and Movement’.


  • Comparing quantities
  • Finding percentages
  • Finding the percentage of a number
  • Finding the percentage of a quantity


  • Comparing quantities
  • Comparing numbers
  • Solving word problems


  • Describing a pattern
  • Writing algebraic expressions
  • Writing and evaluating algebraic expressions
  • Writing formulae
  • Using formulae
  • Solving equations

Area and Perimeter:

  • Finding the area and the perimeter of rectangles
  • Finding the area of parallelograms
  • Finding the area of triangles


  • Finding the volume of cubes and cuboids
  • Solving problems involving the volume of solids

Position and Movement:

  • Describing position
  • Drawing polygons on a coordinate grid
  • Describing translations
  • Describing reflections
  • Describing movements
  • Using algebra to describe position


All lessons follow the Maths No Problem Structure, extended by the use of challenge questions.


Alongside daily maths lessons, we also incorporate a separate arithmetic session, which focuses on core arithmetic skills, but also incorporates learning about percentages and algebra, as well as strengthening their knowledge of BODMAS.