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In RE we will be considering and investigation to following questions:

  • Why do some people think God exists?
  • Was Jesus the Messiah?


Why do some people think God exists?

This investigation enables pupils to learn in depth from different religious and non-religious groups about belief in God. Children enquire into the key question- raising questions about the nature and existence of God focussing on Christian ideas about God. The children will consider why people do or don’t believe in God and the impact that might have on the way they live their everyday life. 


Was Jesus the Messiah?

In this unit, the children will be explaining connections between biblical texts, Incarnation and Messiah, using theological terms. They will be learning how Christians put their beliefs about Jesus’ Incarnation into practice in different ways in celebrating Christmas.  They will investigate the idea that Jesus is the Messiah making sense of the wider story of the Bible.