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In Science this term we will be learning about:

  • Forces in Action
  • Changes and Reproduction


Within Earth & Space we will:

  • explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object
  • identify the effects of friction acting between moving surfaces
  • identify and explain the effects of air resistance
  • identify and explain the effects of water resistance
  • recognise that levers and pulleys allow a smaller force to have a greater effect
  • recognise that gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect


Within Changes and Reproduction we will:

  • recognise the stages of growth and development in humans
  • know the stages in the gestation period of humans and compare them to other animals.
  • recognise the stages of development during childhood and understand the needs of children at those stages
  • understand the initial changes inside and outside of the body during puberty
  • know the changes that occur during puberty and how they differ for boys and girls
  • understand how the body changes during adulthood and old age