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Autumn Term


We have had an amazing first term in Year 3, the children have settled in really well and completed lots of busy learning.


Our theme for this term was 'The Romans' where we learnt all about Roman and Celtic life. In Art and DT we focused on projects of making a mosaic coaster and a Roman shield which the children brought home to share. To round off our theme we had a great school trip to the Lunt Fort where we became Roman soldiers for the day. 


In English we read the text 'Sandwizards' and explored detailed writing of settings before moving onto information texts. Also, we were introduced to playscripts and had a go at writing and performing our very own plays. Our focus in Maths for this term has been on place value and addition and subtraction so that we really understand and master these concepts. 


Our Science topics have been 'Plants' and 'Animals including humans'. There were some amazing and informative comic strips of how a bee pollinates a flower which particularly impressed me! 


In music, Year 3 and 4 joined together to listen to and discuss all about music of different genres and eras. We particularly like disco! In Computing we created our own animations on Scratch and then moved onto the complex task of fixing bugs.


There have been two big questions that R.E learning has been focused around this term: 'What is it like to follow God?'  and 'What do Christians learn from the creation story?'.


Our swimming lessons have got off to a fabulous start with all the children trying their hardest and some have even managed to swim without their body belts!




Spring Term


After a well needed rest from the Christmas holiday, we began our brand-new theme, ‘Let’s Move’.


In Geography we have been looking at where our food comes from. We have travelled all over the world on Google Earth researching the different environments and processes that food undergoes to get to us. In one particular study of bananas we learnt some really interesting facts. For our DT learning, moving monsters, we planned, designed, made and evaluated our own pneumatic system moving monsters. They looked great! In History and Art we are currently studying the railway revolution and journeys which has unfortunately been cut short due to the school closures.


In English we have been studying poetry and the children have learnt some poems by heart in a variety of genres. In Maths we have been reading and telling the time, recalling our time facts and have began to have a go at intervals.


In whole class reading we took a vote on which book we wanted to read and decided on ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’ by David Walliams. We have really enjoyed reading this story and it has kept us on the edge of our seat. The children have a good knowledge of the different content domains and have successfully answered a wide variety of questions.

Summer Term


Our theme for the summer term will be 'Ancient Egypt'. We look forward to being able to study this altogether when we are able to safely return to school. For now please see the home learning available to begin this theme learning.


For our History learning we will be exploring Ancient Egypt, using artefacts and research to help us understand what life was like. We will even be looking at mummification and having a go at it ourselves!  


In Geography, the children will be looking 'In the Desert', investigating different features of different desert's across the world, including climate, weather and how they are used by humans. 


In DT, we will hopefully be having a go at creating our own alarms. First investigating how to create a successful circuit and thinking carefully about the design before creating and evaluating our very own alarms. 


In Art, the children will be studying Seurat and Pointillism. We will research this style of art, exploring aspects such as colour and shading and then create our own piece of pointillism art.


In the meantime, please look out for our messages on Marvellous Me and keep up the good work with your home learning packs.