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Year 3

Welcome to class 3

Year 3 Sleepover!

Crazy as it sounds, Year 3 had a sleepover on the 20th December!  It was awesome!  We made some camp fires (although it was a tad cold and windy to keep them going for long) and then we watched a movie, had crumpets and hot chocolate for supper and then snuggled down for our sleepover.  Miss Melia, talked to the children about the stars in the sky and plotted them across the classroom ceiling and then we all tried to get a good nights sleep!!!  The following morning we were up, washed, dressed and ready for a healthy breakfast of toast, yogurt and fruit.  Although we were all a bit sleepy, we managed to survive the last day of term and had enjoyed our last big event with Miss Melia before she left.  The children were all amazing and so well behaved as always.  Thank you to Miss Melia, Mrs Malone and Mrs Mclean for enabling this to happen and sacrificing a nights sleep so close to the Christmas holidays.


December 2016

Today in science, we were studying about seed dispersal. Some of us made some awesome helicopter style seeds! Others invented their own super-seed which managed to use wind, water and animals to find a new plot. Well-done, guys. Elegant designing! 

November 2016

In literacy, we have been working on our sentences structure and punctuation. Some of us suffer from conjunctionitus (stuffing too many conjunctions in one sentence!) To help inspire our writing, we watched a short film, called Alma. Click on the link below to watch. We pondered about the ending long and hard.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVUK5wqGMnwImage result for alma film


October 2016

This week we made a healthy risotto from broccoli, asparagus, tomato and pepper. We had a go at experimenting with grating and paring the ingredients to see how they looked and combined with the rice.

Although our risotto looked lovely, we were rather less taken with its flavour. Maybe a dash of sweet chilli sauce would have done the trick! 


October 2016

We have been making light catchers in design technology from transparent, translucent and opaque beads.


After researching on the internet for some ideas, we sketched a prototype or two and had a go ourselves. We worked with a needle and thread first (very fiddly) and then wire (less fiddly, but still tricky to manipulate). Some designs were very elegant, with loops, equal intervals and a colour sequence.


All light catchers were spangly and sparkly and everybody persevered through the fiddly stages. Well-done to all.