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8th January

Maths (send in)

LO: To multiply 2-digit numbers without renaming

In maths today, we are going to be multiplying 2-digit numbers without renaming. Have a look at the in-focus question. How do you think you could work it out? As you would usually do this in your pairs, see if you can talk to an adult or an older sibling about your thoughts. Use the empty box to explain your thoughts.

Next, have a look at the guided practice. Can you work out how those answers were gained? Have a go at working them out yourselves to see if your method is correct.

Finally, have a go at the worksheet provided - it is 2 sheets, the minimum expectation is one sheet, but just like in class, try and have a go at the second one too!


Although we are in lockdown, the expectation is for the children to still read 3 times a week for 10 minutes. Below is a link to oxford owl where an account has been created to provide the children with some ebooks.

Username: Leighclass4

Password: Book1234

I have also included some instructions below about how to log in if you face any difficulty.

The children also need to complete some reading comprehension. Below is a reading comprehension on Oliver Twist. Please read the text and then answer the questions. There are 3 different difficulty options - you can choose how much of a challenge you would like to face!

You can then check if you were correct using the answer sheets provided.

SPAG (send in)

LO: To write expanded noun phrases

In SPAG today we are going to be revising expanded noun phrases. Below is a link to a video about this. It builds on the previous lesson, so if you missed it, please check out the video that was set for you on Thursday.  

Once you have watched this video, please complete the sheet below and send it to me. There are 3 difficulty options depending on how much of a challenge you would like to face.

Science (send in)

LO: To find out that sounds are made when objects vibrate

In science, we were going to start a new topic of ‘sound’. Today you are going to be exploring how sound is caused by vibrations. Please go through the slides below.

Once you have gone through the slides please have a go at the attatched sheet. Have a listen to the things around you. What sounds can you hear? What things are vibrating to cause those sounds? Please list at least 5 things (move around to hear more things) and then send the sheet to me to be checked!


For PE today, you can have a look at the PE tab on the school website for suggestions of some activities. If you instead have another idea for an activity to get up and moving you are more than welcome to do that instead!