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Please send me your Maths, English and photos of your bridge for DT




The remaining midyear revision is quite long so I have split this over two days.  You will see that there are mix of questions covering everything you have learnt since starting Year 5.  Make sure you read the questions carefully before you attempt to answer them.  If your work takes longer than an hour, please stop as this is what we would do in school.  This will help me see your level of understanding.  When you have finished check through your work (just like you would do in school).   Please send your work to me.



LO: to write a setting description


Click on the link to watch the story again.  Your task today is to write a character description of the rival shoemaker.  Watch the clip again, this time making notes about the Little Shoemaker’s rival.  Think about how he acts and what he looks like.  As you don’t actually hear him speak, I would like you describe what you think his voice sounds like.  When you have done this, you will need to turn these notes into an interesting paragraph of writing to describe the rival shoemaker.   Think carefully about your sentence openers.  Don’t just start with - his coat was … he wore …. he had a cane etc.  For example, to up-level your writing, you could write – The rival shoemaker had a long thin majestic looking cane which he waved carelessly around in the air.  His coat was made of the most luxurious expensive material complimented with bright buttons that sparkled like diamonds.  Please send me your completed character description.


The Thought Snatcher – Chapter Three


If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you will need to do this before starting today’s work.

Today, you will need to read chapter three of The Thought Snatcher, cast your vote as to what you think will happen next and complete the quiz.  Your task today is based on grammar.  Open the fronted adverbials link and complete the activity.  Match the fronted adverbial to the appropriate sentence.  You will then need to write all your matched fronted adverbials and sentences into a new sentence.



Today, you will be learning how to say ‘I like ...’.  After revising the animal nouns, you will then learn how to change them to their plural forms.   Finally, you will put this knowledge together to be able to say which animals you like in a sentence.  Make sure that you keep pausing the video throughout to practise.  Remember to click on the ‘key words’ as we have done each week, so that you can practise.  


LO: to design a bridge


For today’s lesson you will be designing your own bridge.  Use all the knowledge you have learnt over the last few weeks to think about your design.  Which design of bridge are you going to create – suspension, truss, arch or beam?  You might want to research a different design of bridge and have a go at building that.  As I mentioned last week, you can use whatever materials you have – lego, knex, meccano, recycled boxes/packaging – the choice is yours.  I have attached some photos of bridges other children have built to give you some ideas.


Don’t forget that the objective of your bridge is to be able to hold a weight of approximately 400g.  This is about the size of a tin of beans or tomatoes. 


Please send me a photo of your finished bridge with the weight balancing across it.  Good luck – I can’t wait to see your photos.