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Today please could you email me your Maths, English and Reading work.


L.O: to tell the time on an analogue clock using Roman Numerals


Clock faces don’t always look the same, instead of numbers sometimes there are lines or dots and sometimes there is nothing at all. Today we will be looking at clocks which use Roman Numerals. It is important to remember that everything you do to read the clock is the same. Go through the Roman Numeral PowerPoint, we touched on this topic during our history study of the Romans so you may be able to remember some of these.


To start with answer your ‘In Focus’ question which is on the first page. As we would normally discuss this with our partners at school, see if there is an adult or older brother or sister to talk to about it. Please use the box on this page record your answer and methods.


Next look at the ‘Guided Practice’ which shows you some of the different style questions. I have left the answers on the worksheet so you can see the setting out and how to go about answering these types of questions.


Now it is your turn! Have a go at the ‘Independent Practice’ which is a copy of the worksheet that you would have completed in your MNP workbooks at school.


Instead of a challenge question today, I have included an extra worksheet with Roman Numeral clock faces for you to continue practising to tell the time.


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


L.O: to perform poetry  


Think about these questions, why are poems told in different ways? What can make poems more interesting to read?


Watch the YouTube video that has been sent to you through email. This is an example of a dramatic reading of the poem, ‘Water-cycle’.


For your lesson today, you need to look at the first stanza of the poem. Think about how you could make this more interesting to read aloud. What actions might you include? How might you change your tone of voice to better suit the words?


First, annotate the poem and write on the sheet, listing the ways you could say this part of the poem or any actions that you could include. Once you have done this, practise performing that part of the poem. If you are up for an even bigger challenge, have a go at doing this for the whole poem.


It would be lovely to see some of these if you feel confident enough to film it!


Although we are in lockdown, the expectation is for the children to still read 3 times a week for 10 minutes. Below is instructions and a link to oxford owl where an account has been created to provide the children with some ebooks.


Username: Leighclass3

Password: Book1234

You have been emailed the YouTube video link for Chapter 9 of 'The Great Rocket Robbery'

For reading we are going to be reading chapter four, ‘Alarming News’ of our book ‘My Clueless Dad’ on Fiction Express. At the end, vote on who you think was standing there. If you would like to, complete the multiple-choice quiz.   

I have access to the amount of time it takes for you to read the chapter and scores for any of the online quizzes you complete.


Today’s questions are from reading domain 2g - Identify/explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of words and phrases

  1. “Dad slumped into the corner of the exact replica bed...” What does the word ‘slumped’ tell us about Dad’s feelings?
  2. What other words could have been used for “irritated”?
  3. How has the author made this chapter funny?


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


L.O: to find out about technological developments


Look at the slides which first show a simple timeline with the Industrial Revolution identified. Read through the following slides which describes some of the technological developments in the refining of iron and steel, textile and paper manufacture and the use of machinery, including stationary steam engines.


Slide 8 shows a diagram which explains in simple terms how James Watt’s steam engine worked, videos of this can also be found below. Early steam engines were too big and heavy to power vehicles, however, that didn’t stop the industrialists using railways to transport goods and materials.


Your task today is to use the worksheet to write a biography of James Watt, using the headings to help you.


L.O: to explore different sounds


Today we will be continuing our unit of lessons on the Oak National Academy all about Timbre with Mr Palekar. Don’t forget to go somewhere quiet and be prepared for some body percussion. You will also need a plastic cup today.


To start off with you will play the game ‘Don’t clap this one back’ as a warmup, make sure Mr Palekar doesn’t catch you out! After this, you will perform the piece of body percussion from last lesson, ‘Boom Snap Clap’, see if you can remember this.


As the main task today, Mr Palekar will teach you the ‘Mambo Cup Rhythm’. Listen carefully to his instructions and follow along. Finally you will play the game ‘Give me one’.