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Today please could you email me your Maths, English and Spelling work.


L.O: to solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of money     


For today and tomorrows lesson we will be finishing our maths chapter of money. You will need to read each question carefully and first decide which operation to use (addition or subtraction), then use your columns to find the answers. You may want to split the columns into two - pounds and pence.


To start with answer your ‘In Focus’ question which is on the first page. As we would normally discuss this with our partners at school, see if there is an adult or older brother or sister to talk to about it. Please use the box on this page record your answer and methods.


Next look at the ‘Guided Practice’ which shows you some of the different style questions. I have shown my working out and left the answers on the worksheet so you can see the setting out and how to go about answering these types of questions. Today bar models will help you with your working out.


Now it is your turn! Have a go at the ‘Independent Practice’ which is a copy of the worksheet that you would have completed in your MNP workbooks at school.

If you feel up for it, have a go at the challenge! Good luck!


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


L.O: to write a diary entry  


Today we are going to do some writing around the text that we have been studying, ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne.


First remind yourself of the whole story by watching the video linked below of a teacher reading this.


For the main task, I would like you to write a diary entry as the boy discussing about how the day went. Think about and express all the different feelings and

emotions he experienced. 


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


L.O: to investigate the ‘ly’ suffix   


For spelling today we will be looking at the ‘ly’ suffix and will be completing our lesson with Ms Morgan on Oak Academy.


You will start by going over some of the key rules for adding suffixes. We have looked at these in out previous lessons on adding past tense suffixes, so hopefully you will have remembered some of these. Look at each pattern and see if you can work out the rule. Then pause the video and have a go at changing some of these words yourself.


At the end there are some spellings for you to practise. I have also included an extra ‘ly’ worksheet and wordsearch if you feel like doing some more work on this.


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


Work set by Mrs Entwistle:


This week in PSHE we are coming to the end of this puzzle piece, so we are going to look at all we have achieved so far in our lives. You are going to create a lifetime line. On the line you are going to put all the things you have achieved. Think about the things that you could do when you were first born and the things you can do now there are so many things. I would like you to write at least 10 things on your line.


Work set by Mr Ashby:


It is gymnastics week! Have a look at the Key Steps document which includes a warm up, key physical preparation exercises and a cool down.