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Day 6

We're now officially half way through! So far I've been incredibly impressed by the motivation and perseverance that the children have shown, although I'm already looking forward to getting back into the classroom!


Last week we focused on our 3's, this week we're focusing on our 4's! Your TTRocks accounts have been updated, some of you are working on your 4's and some of you have the extra challenge of your 3's AND your 4's!

We're also going to be taking a close look at word problems this week using all 4 mathematical symbols, +, -, x and ÷!

Remember to look at the vocab being used, it can give you a good clue as to what sign you need to use!

Today we're having a go at one step word problems, and we'll build up to more as the week goes on! Watch the video and complete the worksheet. Please send the worksheet to me so I can see your fabulous work.


Please read for 10 minutes one of your reading books you have at home with you. If you have already read your reading books, I have created an account on oxford owl (link below) for you to have access to free ebooks. Just follow the link, click 'my class login' and enter the following details.


Username: misshinton

Passwork: Book1234

Once logged in, you can search for books based on their reading levels by searching 'levels' and then 'book bands'. If you can't remember your reading level, please drop me an email.


Please make a COMPARISON between this story and Varjak Paw. Tell a person in your household one similarity and one difference between the two stories.


In year 4, we have been doing two SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons a week, the first where we introduce a concept and the second where we revise our knowledge.

Previously we have covered how to write speech into stories however a test at the end of the 1st term showed this is a concept that needed to be revised again!

Please watch the attatched video and have a go at writing some speech into a story using the rules of speech. Please send me your attempts. As an extra challenge (if you choose to accept it), use adverbs to explain HOW the character is speaking.


The next lesson within our DT schedule was to start creating our stocking - don't worry, I'm not expecting you to do this at home! We will hold off on doing this until we are back in the classroom next week. Therefore, I would like to write a success criteria for their stocking. A success criteria is a list things that, if the stocking can do, will show that their creation has been successful.

For example, my success criteria would include the following things:

- Is it red, following the design I created?

- Is it held together using a running stitch, as I indicated on my design?

- Is it FUNCTIONAL, does it hold objects?

- Is it VISUALLY APPEALING, does it look good?


Children's success criteria must include at least 4 factors that if they meet will show the stocking has been a success. Please then send it to me so I can see it.


On Friday we began looking at spelling's including the past and present tense. This is the follow up lesson - it includes a spelling test to see if you can remember how to spell them. Remember that if it helps to split the word into its differeny syllables - it makes the sounds easier to identify