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Wednesday 03.02.21

Welcome to Wednesday's remote learning


Please send in English and Maths work today.



Maths 03.02.21 send in


LO: To count in multiples of 5 to 50


Task:  Colour in the multiples of 5 on your number square.






Task: Can you use the number square to count forwards and backwards

in 5s to 50?  Now see if you can do it off by heart.


Can you write the numbers counting in 5s forwards and backwards?



Can you complete the challenge sheet?



Phonics 03.02.21


We are now revisiting  Set 2 sounds. Our sound today is ir whirl and twirl

Here is the link for the Read Write Inc website: 




We are on now on RWI Set 2 and so you will need to follow this link every day for the daily phonics session which is available from 9.30 am.  Each day the phonics session comprises of two separate videos. There is a speed sounds lesson video and a spelling lesson video. You need to complete both sections.  I  have used a screenshot to clarify this.



Please read the ir practice sheet and flashcards below




English 03.02.21  send in


LO: To write sentences containing ir and ur graphemes


Read the ir phoneme spotter postcard with an adult. Highlight on the sheet or write a list of all of the words containing the grapheme ir.


Now read the  ir and ur pdf in the resources




Task: Your adult will read the sentence out to you and you will write it down. Remember to count how many words are in the sentence. Don’t forget a capital letter and a full stop at the end of the sentence.


My Mum has got a red skirt and a pink purse




Task: Can you write a sentence containing an ur or ir grapheme?





Please set aside some time to read with your child. I have posted some books below for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can of course read a book from home.



RE 03.02.21


LO: To understand why the miracles of Jesus are important to Christian people.


Read the slides about Jesus feeding the 5000 with five loaves and two fish with an adult.


Now imagine that you were one of the people in the crowd who saw Jesus performing the miracle of feeding the 5000. What would you be thinking? Write a sentence in the thought bubble.