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4th February

Please send in your maths, English and PSHE work today. 


LO: To be able to draw and read line graphs

Today we are continuing on with our knowledge of line graphs. Tomorrow is our chapter consolidation, so this is officially our last guided lesson on this subject! 

The line graph drawn in the guided practice is based on the 2 line graphs within the in focus question. It is sometimes possible to show more than 1 piece of information on 1 line graph by using different colours. That is exactly what has been done here!

The 1st page of your work is very important, as these line graphs are what you will answer the questions on and fill in the table for. Then,  on the final page, you have a go at putting those 2 line graphs onto 1 graph. Remember, use 2 different colours for the 2 different lines. 


LO: To answer questions on the text

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘My Gran is a werewolf.’

Today, you are going to read chapter 4 and then complete the online quiz. I will be able to see if you have done this activity!

You each have your own log in which I will be sending to your adults to give to you. I will send it via marvellous me – if it doesn’t come through please email me at year4@leigh.covmat.org and I will send it to you there!


LO: To explore the function of apostrophes

Today you are going to work with Ms Webster using apostrophes. We did some very similar work during isolation, but it is important to go over this again. Join in with the video, pausing when needed to do the work she asks of you!


So far Mrs Entwistle has loved the work she has gotten back for PSHE! This week, you are going to be thinking about your dreams and goals that you want to achieve by the end of this school year. Maybe you want to earn a pen license, or move up a reading level, or knowing your 12 times tables? Your choice – tell us what you’d like to achieve!


Are you ready for Mr Ashby's next challenge?!


· Run on the spot for 30 seconds

· 10 jumping jacks

· High knees for 30 seconds, try and get knees past hip height

· Sprint on the spot for 30 seconds

· 5 Burpees

· Jumping side to side 10 times, try and jump with feet together. If that’s too easy, try hopping on one leg side to side

· Run on the spot for 30 seconds

· Slow it down now and march for 30 seconds

· Tip toe slowly round without touching anyone for 30 seconds

KS2 Challenge – straight jump, tuck jump, jumping jack and repeat for 90 seconds