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Today please could you email me your Maths, English and French work.

Remember to complete and send in your most 'what makes us happy' posters to Mrs Goddard. Year 4 are currently in the lead! 


L.O: to measure time in seconds     


Todays lesson is all about using stopwatches to measure time. The actual worksheet today should not take you very long at all! Once you have completed the worksheet, I would like you to use a stopwatch to time how many seconds it takes you to complete these activities: 10 jumping jacks, tie a lace, go up a set of stairs, draw a simple house, high five everyone in your home.


To start with answer your ‘In Focus’ question which is on the first page. As we would normally discuss this with our partners at school, see if there is an adult or older brother or sister to talk to about it. Please use the box on this page record your answer and methods.


Next look at the ‘Guided Practice’ which shows you some of the different style questions. I have left the answers on the worksheet so you can see how to go about answering these types of questions.


Now it is your turn! Have a go at the ‘Independent Practice’ which is a copy of the worksheet that you would have completed in your MNP workbooks at school.


For your challenge today, I have included another clocks worksheet for you to keep practising telling the time. For this you must draw the hands onto the clock faces, remember to make the hour hand small and the minute hand large.


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


L.O: to understand compound words


Look at the first two slides, these are example of a micro poem. Think about what this might mean from looking at the examples and the word, micro. Using the words on the slides, have a go at creating your own micro poem.


The word water-cycle is an example of a compound word. This is when two words are joined together to create a new word with a different meaning. Look at the next slides which shows some examples of these words. Can you think of anymore?


For your main task today, I would like you to draw a picture and come up with a definition for the following nonsense compound words.

Toothfish, spacesnake, rattledancer, tapcorn, goldpaste, popship

E.g: spacesnake – a breed of snake that lives in space (picture of a snake floating in space with a spacesuit on)


Please email this piece of work to me.


Although we are in lockdown, the expectation is for the children to still read 3 times a week for 10 minutes. Below is instructions and a link to oxford owl where an account has been created to provide the children with some ebooks.


Username: Leighclass3

Password: Book1234

As it is World Book Day week, today I will be sending you a video of Miss Askew reading a story. There is also a whole school challenge which you could begin today. Your task is to tick off all the stars! 


We are now going to read the final chapter of our story, ‘My Clueless Dad’ on Fiction Express. This chapter is called ‘The Complete Picture’. Do not forget to rate the book at the end and if you have time, complete the multiple-choice quiz.


Today’s questions are from reading domain 2f - Identify/explain how information/narrative content is related and contributes to meaning as a whole

  1. “I’m being framed!“ What does Ms Brush mean here?
  2.  “Everyone’s eyes widened.” What does this tell you about how everyone feels?
  3.  “Good work, partner.” How does Tina’s dad feel about Tina at the end of the story?


L.O: to explore the sun


What is the difference between night and day? Go through the information on the slides about how the Sun rises and sets and why it appears to move across the sky during the day. Look at the next few slides and identify whether it is day or night and how you know.


The next slides explain that the Sun is actually a star and that it is extremely powerful. However, this can be dangerous, especially if you look directly at it. How can you protect your eyes from the Sun? Go through the information on the slides.


For your main task today, on the worksheet draw a picture of a familiar location during the day and the same location at night. Once you have drawn both pictures, describe the differences between the two pictures and why one is light and one is dark.


L.O: to research French traditions


For today’s lesson, first go back through the PowerPoint below about 'mardi gras' in France to remind yourself about this event.

For your main task, research ‘mardi gras’ and see what else you can discover. You can present the information how you would like, a poster, a fact file, a PowerPoint, a video etc.


Please could you email this piece of work to me.