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9th February

Please send in your maths, internet safety and DT work today. We're in the final week of this half term - let's push through!

Please be aware I am in the classroom this week and therefore replies will not be immediate. 


LO: To write mixed numbers

I know this is a topic that got interrupted last year due to the first lockdown. Due to this I have created videos to support you for this week. Ask your adult for a link to the video. After watching it, have a go at the problems on the worksheet. I hope the videos help you understand the work further! Problem 1 within the guided practice isn't very clear and unfortunately I can not make it clearer. I can tell you that the 3rd jug is 2/3's full however! 


LO: To answer questions

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘The warrior princess.’

Today, you are going to read chapter 2 and then complete the online quiz. I will be able to see if you have done this activity!

You each have your own log in which I will be sending to your adults to give to you. I will send it via marvellous me – if it doesn’t come through please email me at year4@leigh.covmat.org and I will send it to you there!

Safer internet day

Today is safer internet day! Our theme this year is ‘an internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world.’

I think we can all agree that we have to thank the internet for a lot of the things we have currently. Lockdown would be a lot harder without the capability to do work, stay in contact with others, and have general entertainment via the internet.

However, some people choose to do the wrong thing online, knowing that they can be anonymous and possibly get away with making the wrong choice.

Your task today is to set some rules for whenever you go on the internet. You can present these rules however you wish, via poster, power point, writing them down etc.

I know some of my rules would be ‘Don’t go on any website that I don’t trust’ and ‘Don’t tell anyone my name unless I know them in real life’. I would like you to come up with 5 of your own rules!

I'm also going to include a link to a game underneath - this is part of the interland series (which we have been on before!) and I would like you to have a go at kind kingdom. Enjoy!


LO: To design our own invention

This has been a fun DT unit! We have done a few experiments and thought about the usefulness of different inventions that have been made by British inventions.

Today you have a creative task: I would like you to design your own invention and show it to me via a poster. You need to tell me what it does, draw a picture of it and include helpful labels to show me key parts of the invention.

Personally, I would make a chair, that can act as an office chair, a comfortable arm chair and a dining room chair depending on a button you press on the side! Have a think about what you think would be useful!


Today we are going to have a bit of fun! You have been doing well at learning the names of animals so far! Watch the video below, which is all about the sounds animals make, and how in different languages we say them in different ways. Can you guess what sound people in China use to represent a cat?

Finally, go through these slides, trying to imitate the speaker. How good are you at replicating the sounds you hear?