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Last week before half term! Today please could you email me your Maths and English work, please complete the Geography food diary daily and send this on Friday. 


L.O: to subtract pounds and pence with renaming


This week we will be continuing to subtract amounts of money. You will need to use column subtraction for the worksheet today. Make sure you look carefully as you may need to borrow from the previous column (e.g. you can’t do 3 – 5 so you need to borrow a ten to turn it into 13 - 5).


To start with answer your ‘In Focus’ question which is on the first page. As we would normally discuss this with our partners at school, see if there is an adult or older brother or sister to talk to about it. Please use the box on this page record your answer and methods.


Next look at the ‘Guided Practice’ which shows you some of the different style questions. I have left the answers on the worksheet so you can see the setting out and how to go about answering these types of questions.


Now it is your turn! Have a go at the ‘Independent Practice’ which is a copy of the worksheet that you would have completed in your MNP workbooks at school.


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


L.O: to answer questions on a text


This week for English we will be continuing to explore the text ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Brown on the Oak National Academy with Mr Byrne-Smith.


As usual, you will start off by looking at some pre vocabulary and putting these words into sentences. It would be great if you could write the sentences you come up with down so I can see that you have understood the key vocabulary for today.


Then the teacher will begin reading the next part of the story to you. As he reads, make sure you are listening and looking carefully at the pictures as these might give you some valuable clues. Be warned, Mr Byrne-Smith finishes on a cliff-hanger!


Next, you will look at a few of the pages in more detail and begin to answer some questions on these, write out your answers to these. Draw out and complete the graph about how the child in the story changes emotions. At the end, make a prediction about what you think will be behind the door and why.


Please could you email this piece of work to me. 


Although we are in lockdown, the expectation is for the children to still read 3 times a week for 10 minutes. Below is instructions and a link to oxford owl where an account has been created to provide the children with some ebooks.


Username: Leighclass3

Password: Book1234

L.O: to answer questions  


For reading today we are going to start a new fantasy story on Fiction Express called ‘The Island at the End of the Bed’ by Alice Kuipers. If you are unsure of your login, please email me at year3@leigh.covmat.org and I will resend it.


We will read the first chapter called, ‘The Shimmering Island’, so please select this as you open the book. At the end, vote on which way you think Shan should go.


For today’s task, as we sometimes do, please complete the multiple-choice quiz. You can choose between completing it online or downloading it and printing it out. It is useful if you do this online as I have access to view everybody’s answers. Remember this means I can see how long everybody has spent reading the chapter so please do not rush.


L.O: to understand trade links around the world


Today is our final lesson in our Geography topic of ‘Where does our food come from?’, therefore we will be concluding and revising what we have learnt so far.

Can you describe the different conditions found in temperate, tropical and Mediterranean climate zones? Then go through the nine questions from our learning in previous lessons, you do not need to write these down and you can point to the ones you think are true.


For your task, I would like you to keep a food diary for the rest of the week. I have made a worksheet that you could record your food onto, or you can create your own. See if you can look on the food packaging or quickly research where each item of food that you eat comes from.


I would like you to send this to me on Friday when you have completed the week.


L.O: to explore 6 beats in a bar


Today’s music lesson we will continuing our unit of work on pulse and rhythm taught by Mr Palekar on the Oak National Academy. Please follow the link and join along with the lesson.


You will start off by recapping the previous lesson (3 beats in a bar) and singing ‘Found a peanut’. After that Mr Palekar will teach you a new song with 3 beats in a bar, ‘Oranges and Lemons’. You might have heard this song before!


Then you will have a quick quiz to see if you can remember the previous learning before starting to explore what 6 beats in a bar sounds like.


The lesson will require lots of singing, clapping, clicking and tapping so make sure you are somewhere where you will not disturb anyone!