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RE- Lent 

Next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, you might know it as Pancake Day. This day comes before the beginning of Lent, the period leading up to Easter. Below is a PDF that explains why Christians mark this special day and what they might do during the period of Lent. There is also a fun story to share about a runaway pancake and a pancake template for you to draw your favourite topping! 


Yellow group-Practise writing the sound ’i’, check you have written it the right way round.  Think of 3 words with the ‘i’ sound in e.g. ink, limp. Write these words using your Fred-fingers to help you sound each out- i-nk - ink. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 sounds.







Green group- practise writing the sound ’e’.  Think of a word with the e sound in e.g. egg, end. Write a sentence using your word e.g. ‘My feet are at the end of my legs’.  Use your Fred-fingers to help you sound out your words and make sure you have a finger space between each word. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 & 2 sounds.








Number bonds to 10. Using the PDF below you will find some pictures showing items added together to make 10. Your job is to write the addition sentence to match. If the picture has 10 stripey socks and 0 spotty ones, you write 10 + 0 = 10.  SEND IN


Invite your grown up or brother/sister to an indoor picnic. You could do this at lunchtime and have your lunch in the style of a picnic. Find a cloth or blanket to lay on the ground, set the plates & cups and help your grown up prepare a sandwich. You might want to invite your teddies to. Use this time to chat and spend a nice time together.

Below are some fun questions to ask one another if you run out of things to talk about. SEND IN


Below you will see a PowerPoint and a PDF. Both will provide practise to read CCVC words like plug, flip and CVCC words like hand and pest. Take your time as some words might be easier than others. If you manage to read all of them without your grownups help, try writing some words of your own.