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Remember to send your work - activities marked (SEND IN) - in on our class email address (year6@leigh.covmat.org) and I will get back to you. I can't wait to see all of your amazing work!


From today onwards, I will be posting the answers to the maths lesson within the maths section, so if you want to self-mark, you can open the document and check your answers - no peeking!  I will still want to see workings, so there isn't a short-cut!


You will also notice that I have added a 'Mrs. Holdaway's Group' into the maths section: please ignore this, unless I have specifically contacted you and directed you towards this activity rather than the Maths No Problem one. 


English (SEND IN)

LO: To explore expanded noun phrases.

In this lesson, you will review vocabulary, revise key points related to expanded noun phrases and practise writing expanded noun phrases (many of which will be useful for this unit of writing).  Send in evidence of your completed noun phrases.


  1. Work through the lesson – make notes as you go.  You could write the sentences down and underline the expanded noun phrases for example.
  2. Write a range of expanded noun phrases based on the images. Write at least 8.

Reading (SEND IN)

SATs Paper 2015

Read and complete the questions about Text 2:  Guide Dogs.

Keep your answers safe, as you will need them next week. 

Maths (SEND IN)

Work through the ‘In Focus Task’ on paper jotting your ideas down.


  1. Complete the ‘Guided Practice’ section of the lesson, showing workings.
  2. Complete ‘Worksheet 13’: Do Q2 first – as this is the easiest method.  If you are feeling confident do Q1 and 3 also.

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO: Multiplying and dividing by 10.

Have a go at the intro quiz – can you get 6 out of 6?

Next watch the video and work through the lesson, which will show you how to multiply and divide by 10. The presentation underneath the video is just the slides used within the video.


  1. Complete the worksheet.  Either write the questions and answers on a sheet of paper, or you can download the worksheet by clicking on the following symbol which is just above the worksheet on the right hand side.
  2. Now have a go at the exit quiz.

Extension:  Can you complete ‘part 2’ also?


This is the second lesson in the ‘Golden Compass’ English unit of work. 

In this lesson, you will explore the rules associated with adding the suffix -ous. 10 spelling words will be explained and set to learn.  These spellings will then be tested within next week’s online spelling session: Wednesday.


Read through the information on the slideshow.  Read the ‘Burger Nutrition Fact’ tables and answer the questions on ONE of the worksheets: there are three different worksheets to choose from 1A being the easiest, 1C the hardest.


For your PE lesson I would like you to go onto You Tube and choose one of Joe Wicks' PE lessons which he made for the first lockdown.   Why not ask a member of your family to join you!!

I loved receiving all your work yesterday.  Those who have sent some in: you have smashed it!