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Please send me your Maths and English today


Don't forget to watch the video on You Tube of Mrs Bailey starting our new class book.  The link has been sent by Marvellous Me.  If you need it again please contact me on the class email - year5@leigh.covmat.org



For your Maths lessons today please complete the two Arithmetic lessons.  Do this as you would in school - 10 minutes for each lesson.  Ask an adult or older sibling to go through the answers with you.  If you are usually in my Arithmetic group ask your adult or older sibling to work with you as you go through the questions.  Remember to answer the ones you know first to give you confidence with the trickier one.  Please send me your Arithmetic answers today.


LO: to write an independent persuasive letter


Today’s lesson is the final one in our persuasive writing unit.  Follow the video and then it’s your turn to write your own persuasive letter.  As Mr Brown says in the lesson, you can write about anything you would like (as long as it’s appropriate).  Think about what interests you; something you have a real passion for (positively or negatively); perhaps you are campaigning for a pet; or trying to persuade your parents to increase your pocket money.  The choice is yours!  Be creative and don’t forget to put into practise all the skills you have learnt over the last two weeks.  Also, you can think back to the persuasive letter you wrote to Father Christmas to ask for a trampoline!  I look forward to reading your persuasive letters.  Good luck!  Please send me your finished letter.


Trouble in Withy Wood – Chapter Five


If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you will need to catch up before starting today’s lesson.


Today, you will be reading the final chapter of Trouble in Withy Wood.  When you have finished, complete the quiz and then answer the following question based on reading domain 2a: give/explain the meaning of words in context:


The author used a range of adventurous and exciting vocabulary and phrases during the whole of the story.  In chapter five he used words and phrases such as, faintly lit; glittering crown; dingy; wracking his brains; picking their way carefully; and fierce warrior.  Explain why the author chose these particular words to include in the story.


I have attached a pre-printed sheet if you would like to use it to write your answers.

‘Catch Up’ 

Use this time to catch up with any work you didn’t get a chance to do throughout the week,  do some extra practise with something you found challenging or to investigate an area you found interesting. 




And BREATH!  Take some time to feel proud of yourself and recognise how well you have done.  Choose an activity that you love doing, like colouring, drawing, playing a game, cooking or reading and ENJOY IT.  We are ALL proud of you.  You really deserve this time for you!