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Great home learning!


Yellow group-Practice writing the sound ’a’, check you have written it the right way round.  Think of 3 words with the ‘a’ sound in e.g. ant, and. Write these words using your Fred-fingers to help you sound each out- a-n-t - ant. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 sounds.







Green group- practice writing the sound ’v’.  Think of a word with the v sound in e.g. vet, vat. Write a sentence using your word e.g. ‘I took my cat to the vet’.  Use your Fred-fingers to help you sound out your words and make sure you have a finger space between each word. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 & 2 sounds.









Number bonds to 10. Open the PDF below to share the song ’10 Sleepy Fingers’. We can use our hands to show the different ways of making 10. The song can be sung to the tune of ‘5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day’ you will know this tune. Talk about how many ways you have made 10, have fun!


Today’s challenge is to construct a vehicle using whatever resources you have at home. You might have Lego, Duplo, or other building blocks. If not, perhaps you could use an empty box (you might have one big enough to sit in as a car) or line up some cushions or chairs to make a bus… Below is a link to see the teacher constructing with Lego. SEND IN


In the story of The Giant Turnip, the characters had to pull to get the turnip out of the ground. Some things need pushing to make them work and others need to be pulled. Below is a selection of everyday items, your challenge is to decide if the item needs to be pushed or pulled. Write the name of the item and the word push/pull/both, e.g. doorbell-push. SEND IN

Just for fun! VIDEO

Follow the YouTube link sent via Marvellous Me, to complete the nursery rhyme challenge with Mrs Miskin & Mrs Sullivan. Your job is to guess which rhyme or song Mrs Sullivan is acting out. Good luck!