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Today, you only need to email in two pieces of work - English and Maths.


LO: writing mixed number and improper fractions


Today’s Maths is learning the relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions.  They are also equivalent fractions as they are equal to each other just written in a different way. 

Have a go at the In Focus question (I have included a box for you to jot down your ideas).  If we were in school completing this lesson you would have discussed the In Focus with your partner so instead, ask an adult or older sibling to see if they could be your partner.  Once you have had a go at the In Focus question work your way through the Let’s Learn slides.  For the Guided Practice I have left the answers for you (aren’t you lucky!) so you can really consolidate your understanding of today’s lesson.  Complete each Guided Practice question – don’t just look at the answer!  Show your working out for each one.  You might need to draw bar models to help you.  Use the examples given in the Let’s Learn questions to support you.  Next, work your way through the worksheets.  I have also attached a power point for you to support your understanding of converting mixed and improper fractions.  Please email today’s completed Maths lesson to me.


LO: to use strategies to identify key vocabulary


Today, you will watching the video for our second lesson on Walter de La Mere’s The Listeners.  You will be learning new vocabulary and will gain a deeper understanding of the poem.  Remember, as yesterday, you will need to make notes as you go through the lesson, as you will build on these throughout the week.   After you have followed the lesson, write down any new words that you have learnt today and see if you can remember what they mean.  Now, write them in a sentence of your own.  Please email your notes and the activity that I have set for you today. 


LO: to use fronted adverbials


In this SPaG lesson I would like you to read through the short piece of writing about tobogganing down a snowy alpine mountain.  Then, answer the questions and complete the writing activity. Remember to include fronted adverbials, powerful verbs and short sentences for effect.


Dreams and Goals


This half term in PSHE the puzzle piece is Dreams and Goals. We will be thinking about what goals we have and how we can achieve them. What goals have we already achieved and how did you do it? Can you help others to achieve their Dreams and Goals? How can you encourage someone else to keep going to reach their goal?


This week you need to think about what you might like to do when you are older.


Your activity today is:

Note down the profession you would like to go into and give your reasons.

Underneath this, note down any skills and qualifications you would need to be able to have this profession.  For example, would you need to be a good communicator, organiser or have good leadership skills; would you need to have a degree, BTECs or could you qualify through an apprenticeship? 


A good way to investigate this is on the National Careers Service website.  Try the link below to investigate your chosen profession. Type in the profession on the search box and it will give you average salaries, qualifications and skills needed.  


I have attached a copy of the print out you would have written on in Mrs Entwistle’s lesson if you would like to use it.


Mr Ashby’s PE lesson for this week is:


Sofa/Bench Workout


  • Slowly sit down on the sofa, then jump up off the sofa 3 times have a rest and repeat
  • Feet on floor, hands on sofa, keeping back flat (front support position) bend and straighten arms (press up) make sure your tummy does not drop! 3 times have a rest and repeat


Hands on sofa and pretend you are running up a building. Try and get your knees close to your chest when running and keep your arms straight. Can you run 30 times without stopping?

KS2 Challenge – How many sit ups can you do with your feet over or under the sofa/bench? Can you sit up all the way to touch your toes?