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Monday 01.02.21

Welcome to Week 5 of our remote learning. The next two weeks will concentrate on skills-based learning. Please send in Maths and English work.


I will be sending out a Marvellous Me story link out at some point today.



Maths 01.02.21


Today is our Maths Review day, which revisits all the things we have been learning about in this chapter. send in

Maths Resources 01.02.21



Phonics 01.02.21


We are now revisiting  Set 2 sounds. Our sound today   or – shut the door


Here is the link for the Read Write Inc website: 




We are on now on RWI Set 2 and so you will need to follow this link every day for the daily phonics session which is available from 9.30 am.  Each day the phonics session comprises of two separate videos. There is a speed sounds lesson video and a spelling lesson video. You need to complete both sections.  I  have used a screenshot to clarify this.



Now read the or practice sheet and  real/ nonsense flashcards




Reading 01.02.21


Please set aside some time to read with your child. I have posted some books below for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can of course read a book from home.




Scissor Skills


Can you hold a pair of scissors correctly? Make sure that you are holding a pair of scissors properly. Check the guide for right-handed and left-handed children.


Task: Complete some of the cutting exercises.


If you do not have a printer, you can cut things out of a catalogue or newspaper.




English 01.02.21



Read The Light In The Night with an adult. Highlight on the sheet or write a list of all of the words containing the trigraph igh.


Now read the igh i_e practice sheet pdf




Your adult will read the sentence out to you and you will write it down. Remember to count how many words are in the sentence. Don’t forget a capital letter and a full stop at the end of the sentence.


Task: Can you write the sentence The light shines bright at night.


Task: Now can you write a sentence containing the i_e or igh grapheme?


(send in)




Science 01.02.21


What changes occur to a tomato plant?


In today’s lesson, we will be learning all about how tomato plants grow. We will be looking at the different stages of germination and what happens to the plant before it has grown enough to produce fruit. At the end of the lesson, we will be planting a thick tomato slice into some soil, so we are able to observe the growth. You will need a pot/container, soil, and 1 thick tomato slice. If you do not have these things, you will still be able to watch me plant the seeds.



Science Resources 01.02.21