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Day 4


Today in maths, we will be taking a close look at the patterns made when we multiply. With this knowledge our times tables will be much easier to understand.

Please print off (or replicate) the blank multiplication square. You will be able to use that in the attatched video to find the patterns.

Please then complete the sheet that comes with the video and send a picture of your sheet and your now filled multiplication square.

I have also attatched a challenge for the children to do if they would like to take it on!


Today we will be looking at words that have the suffix -ous. Remember, a suffix is a sound added on to the end of a word to change the meaning of the word.

Please watch the following 2 videos and then complete the attatched test.


Please read for 10 minutes one of your reading books you have at home with you. If you have already read your reading books, I have created an account on oxford owl (link below) for you to have access to free ebooks. Just follow the link, click 'my class login' and enter the following details.


Username: misshinton

Passwork: Book1234

Once logged in, you can search for books based on their reading levels by searching 'levels' and then 'book bands'. If you can't remember your reading level, please drop me an email.


Please look up the MEANING OF WORDS. Are there any words you are unsure what they mean? Look them up using a dictionary (or the internet!) and then try and use those words within your own oral sentence.


In year 4, you are role models to those who are younger than you, and occassionally, the younger years need a bit of help and advice.

Please can you create a leaflet about road safety for those in year 1. Specifically, a step by step guide on how to cross the road safely.

Your leaflet must include both instructions and pictures (either stuck on or drawn on). I will be sending these to Mrs Entwistle to judge. She may use the best ones within the year 1 classroom!


When we were supporting children in need, the children really loved Joe Wicks! Due to this, your PE assignment today is to follow along with his video and copy his movements. I have attatched the video below. If you get tired, remember that you can pause it and have a quick break!