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Monday 19.07.21


Welcome to Monday's remote learning. Please email in your Maths work today to year1@leigh.covmat.org



LO: To be able to compare volume and capacity using the terms 'more than' and 'less than', 'full' and 'empty.' 





LO: To write a postcard




Read through the slides and then look at the pictures of the different holiday places. Choose one of the pictures. Can you imagine that you have gone to one of those places and write a postcard from there?


Don't forget to use your phonics mat to help you and check your work to see if you have put the capital letters and full stops in the correct place.






Why not take the time to answer some comprehension questions?


Choose a story to suit your child's reading ability.




Reading Books


I have included a selection of reading books. Please choose one to best suit your child's ability.