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Tuesday 26th January

Good Morning Year 2. 

I Hope you are ready for today’s learning?

Today we have Maths, English, Handwriting, phonics, PE and PSHE.  Please send in Maths, English and Handwriting to year2@leigh.covmat.org



Send in your maths work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Mrs Bennett’s

Chapter 6 lesson 7

LO: To be able to solve word problems involving the multiplication of division of mass.

Text Book
To start, look at the In Focus task  and see if you can find as many ways as possible to solve the problem. Drawing a bar model for this problem is easy as each of the bars would be the same. Why? If possible create the bar model using paper strips of various colours, or drawing them. What would this would look like if it were drawn as 4 parts that make a whole (i.e. the bar model in Let's Learn). Discuss how we could write the calculation to show the total.

During Guided Practice, if possible, create bar models, using paper strips of various colours or draw the bar models, to help visualise the problems and write down the methods they are using. There is no need to send this work in – this is for practise purposes only. 



Your Turn! Solve the word problems, using the bar models to help you solve them.  Please send this work in. 



Mrs Malone’s group

Please complete the maths review.  Try to do the work yourself, and an adult can read it to you.  


Send in your English work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

LO: To follow instructions

Mrs Bennett’s group

Look at the instructions for today’s work.   

You will need: sticky tape, a straw (or something similar), glue, scissors.

If you can’t print the pictures out then have a go at drawing your own of the Beast and Prince!

Enjoy using your thaumatrope!

Mrs Malone’s group

Complete the work using your sounds to make some amazing sentences.


Have a go at the words on the handwriting sheet. 

There is no need to print out the sheet.  Just copy each word.  Can you put these words into a sentence? 


Have a go at these phonics games. 

With both games scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will find the instructions in a black box on how to play them.


As it’s a Tuesday it’s PE day! Mr Ashby would like you to have a go at some cardio exercises!  

Click the link to see which exercises Mr Ashby would like you to do. 

You could also have a go at a cosmic kids yoga.  Perhaps these ones?  


We are continuing with our topic of Dreams and Goals. 

Mrs Entwhistle would like you to think about a time when you helped a friend and how it made you feel. 

You can either print off the sheet or write this onto a sheet of paper.