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Friday 12.2.21

Welcome to Friday's remote learning.


Please send in English and Maths work today.



I  will also be sending out a Marvellous Me video link to my half term message.

Maths send in


LO: To understand the signs <  > and =


Task: Follow the slides and complete the worksheet. 


Challenge:  If you have enough time why not try the challenges? You could do 1,2, or all 3.





We are revisiting  RWI Set 3 again. Today's sound is ai snail in the rain


I have also ticked the extra Read the Red Words sections too.


Challenge: Why not have a go at the hold a sentence section?




I have included some alien and real words, multisyllabic words, and sound button cards to support this lesson.



English send in 


LO: To answer comprehension questions.


Task: Read My First Swimming Lesson and answer the questions. This text contains set 1,2 and 3 sounds. There is not much room on the sheet for questions 3 & 4, so I have provided a piece of lined paper for you to write on. There are also sentence starters in red to help you answer questions 3 & 4.




If you have finished your work and you feel like it, why not challenge yourself?


Think about when you have been swimming. Can you write a sentence about it? Here are some sentence starters for you. Try to use the conjunction because if you are giving reasons about it


I like going swimming because

I don’t like going swimming because


An easy way to remember how to spell because is



Or you could write a sentence about going swimming using the conjunction and


I  went swimming with my Nan and my sister.



Scissor Skills


Can you hold a pair of scissors correctly? Make sure that you are holding a pair of scissors properly. Check the guide for right-handed and left-handed children.


Task: Complete some of the cutting exercises.


If you do not have a printer, you can cut things out of a catalogue or newspaper.




Friday Afternoon


This is a little bit of breathing space for you to have a go at some of the activities that you might have missed during the week. If you have finished all of the learning, why not look at the RWI books I posted up yesterday?


Next week is half term so there will be no remote learning. I would like to say a big well done to everyone in Year 1 because you have worked so hard at home.  Also, a big thank you to the parents and carers who have supported their children with remote learning. It hasn't been easy, but you have all risen to the challenge!


I have loved receiving the emails containing your photographs and pictures of your work every day. Hopefully, it won't be too long until we are back together in class. I hope that you all have a peaceful and relaxing half term.


Remember to stay safe.


Best wishes,

Mrs Kirk