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Monday 18.01.21

Well done getting straight back on it at the start of the week.  Let's go for it!

Three tasks to send in today: English, Maths and Science.  Remember to send in all parts of the task and read the tasks and questions carefully.

English (SEND IN)

I will be uploading our work to Oak Academy and also sending examples to Philip Pullman.  I can't wait to see his reply!

LO: To plan a narrative scene.

In this lesson, we will develop vocabulary for describing a key character in this scene, will analyse a new scene and plan ahead of writing in the next lesson.


  1. Work through the ‘Describe  Lord Asriel’ activity.
  2. Analyse the film scene – can you order the scenes?
  3. Complete the planning templates for the 3 main parts of the scene (describe the setting, introduce the character to the scene and capture the drama).

At the end of this lesson you should have 3 completed tables – one for each main part of the scene.  Use the planning sheets I’ve created for you below.  If you are struggling, why not try the Mrs. Holdaway’s Group worksheet.

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

As above, but use the planning sheets below to help you create your planning.  Can you put the words into the right column in each grid?  Use an online dictionary to help, if needed.



  1. Complete Paper 3
  2. Self-mark your work: can you find one great mistake that you made? 
  3. Choose one of the questions you made a mistake with and find a video online (Corbett Maths is great!) to help you practise the skill.

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

As above, but using the Test 3 below.

Maths (SEND IN)

Maths No Problem

LO:  To be able to compare fractions, decimals and percentages.

Look at the ‘In Focus’ picture and follow the questions underneath through.  After a set of questions is the ‘Let’s Learn’ that helps you answer them. Percentage basically means ‘out of 100’. So 10% means ten out of 100 or as a fraction ten hundredths.


  1. Complete the guided practice – remember to send in evidence that you have done this.
  2. Worksheet – all questions.  In Q1 a)i) and b)i), write it out of 100, then simplify it in the blank boxes to the right.

Extension:  challenge question

If you are struggling complete the lesson in the link below.

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO:Recognising decimal tenths (Part 1).

This week, we are going back and completing some more work on decimals.  In this lesson you will represent tenths using fractions and decimals and accurately read decimal tenths.


  1. Have a go at the intro quiz.
  2. Next watch the video and work through the lesson,
  1. Complete the worksheet on slide 2 (the other slides are just each question in turn).


Read through the PowerPoint, which gives you details about the main beliefs of humanists.


Create a poster using the information on the ‘Belief Cards’ that I have added after the poster template.  Your poster can use pictures, symbols and text. If you haven't got a printer - no problem!  Create your poster on a plain piece of paper.

Choose one of the tasks: task 1 is the easiest, task 3 the hardest.   

Science (SEND IN)

LO:   To find out about Carl Linnaeus and his classification system.

Today we will be learning about an incredibly important scientist and how his work revolutionised how we name and classify living organisms.


  1. Choose one of the tasks: task 1 is the easiest, task 3 the hardest.
  2. Answer the questions, using the classification key.  If you haven’t got a printer – no problem!  Just write the answers down on paper.

Read the questions carefully!