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MONDAY 22.02.21

Three tasks to send in today: English, Maths and Science.  Remember to send in all parts of the task and read the tasks and questions carefully.

You Tube video sent by email -

General:  Welcome Back

Maths: (1) 'In Focus & Let's Learn' (2) Guided Practice & Independent Practice

9:00 – 10:00 Maths (SEND IN) You Tube Video sent by email

Maths No Problem

LO:  To use formula for the area and perimeter of rectangles.

Make sure you have the You Tube video that goes over the ‘In Focus’, but also the ‘Guided Practice’ and the worksheet if needed.  SHOW WORKINGS throughout!


  1. Go through the ‘In Focus’ task with me on the video.
  2. Complete the ‘Guided Practice’ – write the answers on the Word document. 
  3. Worksheet.  Complete Q1 at least (d. 1/3 = 0.33 – use a calculator!).  Q2 if feeling confident.

Extension: Complete the challenge question. 

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO: Measure and calculate the perimeter of rectangles in centimetres and millimetres.

In this lesson you will learn what perimeter is and how to calculate it.

  1. Have a go at the warm-up by estimating the length of the lines shown.
  2. Work through the main learning.
  3. Complete the task by calculating the perimeter of the rectilinear shapes on the worksheet.  Check your answers as the teacher reveals them.

Extension: Complete the challenge question. 

10:00 – 10:45 Arithmetic


  1. Complete Paper 7.
  2. Self-mark your work: can you find one great mistake that you made? 
  3. Choose one of the questions you made a mistake with and find a video online (Corbett Maths is great!) to help you practise the skill.

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

As above, but using the Test 1 below.

11:00 – 12:00 English (SEND IN)

LO: To identify the features of a biography.

This is lesson 1 of 10.  In this lesson, you will explore the features of a biography and identify them in a text. 


  1. Follow the lesson through, using the worksheet to complete the mini-tasks throughout.

Easier Task

As above, but use the supported worksheet below. 

1:00 – 2:00 RE

LO:  To interpret Genesis 1:1 – 2:3.

Today you will read Genesis 1:1–2:3, which is the very first part of The Bible and tells the story of creation. 


  • Draw the events of the story.

2:00 – 3:00 SCIENCE  (SEND IN)

LO:  To identify inherited characteristics. 

In this lesson you will learn about some key concepts that will be important throughout the rest of the unit. 


  • Read through the PowerPoint – DON’T RSUH THROUGH!  RE-read a few of the slides, so that you fully understand.  Discuss some of the key aspects with your parents / carers – what have you inherited? What differences are there between you, your parents and your brothers and sisters?
  • Complete the task below about inherited characteristics.


Extension:  Take a photo of you and your parents – identify inherited characteristics, such as eye colour face shape etc. but also identify how you vary from your parents.