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Don't forget to have a look at the different challenges. competitions and activities for World Book Day.  Below is a link to the World Book Day newsletter if you didn't see it on Friday.  Go for the 'Create a Book Character' competition as there is a £10 Book Token prize for the best one in Year 5/6.  You will also receive a certificate for completing some of the reading challenges on the challenges sheet below - start now rather than trying to do them all on Thursday!

Today, please send in your Maths and SPaG.



LO: to add and subtract decimals


Today’s lesson in the first step in adding and subtracting decimals.  Have a go at the In Focus question and then, as always, work your way through the Maths lesson, ensuring that you fully understand the concepts before starting the workbook pages.  You will see that are two methods – using counters and pictorial.  Make sure you have a go at the challenge too.  If you are unsure about any parts of the lesson please let me know and I will help you through it.   Please send me your completed Maths workbook and challenge to me.


LO: to recommend books


For today’s Reading lesson I would like you to think of books that you have read (either recently or favourite ones from when you were little) and write a recommendation for them.  When you write recommendations, you need to think about who you are aiming the book at.  For example, you would write - Wonder is one of my favourite books.  It is about a year in the life of a 10 year old boy (who is different from everyone else) as he experiences school for the first time.  His year is full of highs and lows – from encountering friendship issues to having new best friends to suffering personal heartache.  I would recommend this book to someone aged 9+ who is interested in other people’s lives and how they overcome adversity to find their way in life.  You wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is younger and loves action and mystery books as it is a completely different genre.  Another example is saying you would recommend Harry Potter to some who doesn’t like mythical, fantasy books.  My expectation is a recommendation of at least five books that you have read.  Remember they can be favourite ones from when you were little; Elmer, Guess How Much I Love You or Kipper could still be a favourite childhood book.


LO: to identify missing punctuation


For today’s SPaG lesson you will be punctuation detectives!  I want you to read through the text and highlight the missing punctuation of capital letters and full stops.  You then need to re-write the text in the space below.  Don’t forget that capital letters are needed for proper nouns (places, people’s names etc). When you are looking for missing full stops read through the text and see where you would naturally take a breath.  A new sentence starts when something different is being said.  If you are not sure, place the full stop where you think it should go.  Read the text pausing at the full stop.  Does it make sense?  For example – All of a sudden, the rain came pouring down the muddy footprints from my wellies were swallowed up by the newly formed puddle without thinking I jumped into the inviting muddy dirty puddle.  In this text, my full stops would go after down and before without thinking.  If I were to place them elsewhere the writing just wouldn’t make sense.   Please send your completed sheet to me.


Use this time to finish your ‘What Makes you Feel Good Poster’.  Year 4 are currently winning: let’s go for it!


11:00 - 11.20 – Zoom Meeting (I've sent the link to you by email - remember it is the second email link).  I will be able to answer any questions that you may have about returning to school, but most importantly giving you time to talk to each other – in a controlled way!



This week Mr Ashby would like you to have a go at some of the Joe Wickes workouts.  Start with the one below, but as this is only 20 mins, could you do one for the next two days also to reach the goal of 60 mins in total?