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Monday 1st March

Monday 1st March  

Good Morning Year 2.  Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready and raring to go for a new week of learning?

Today we have Maths, English, Science, computing and music. 

Please send in Maths, English and Science to year2@leigh.covmat.org


Catch up chat 

Keep an eye on your emails. An invitation to a class Zoom meeting will be appearing in your inbox! The meeting is will be tomorrow at 10.00 and will last around 15-20 minutes.  It will be a chance to say hello to class mates and myself.  We might even have time for a game! 

World Book Day Week Information 

Remember it is World Book Day on Thursday.  There will be information about activities going on this week but you also received a newsletter with the information on.  Tomorrow there will be a link to a story read by a teacher and a year group, so keep on eye on your emails.  Can you guess which year group or teacher maybe reading a story to us? Can you complete any of these challenges?

Get your thinking caps on about what book character you can dress up as this Thursday!

There is also a competition to create a book character from something (pebble/potato/spoon etc) The best creation will receive a £10 Book Token prize. 



Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Mrs Bennett’s group

Chapter 9 Review

LO: To be able to apply knowledge of problem-solving strategies to solve problems.

Today is a review of Chapter 9. 

Have a go at the Textbook Mind work. 

Then compete the workbook questions.  Send in this work. 


Mrs Malone’s group

LO: To be able to compare height and length using key terminology.

Look at the In Focus task and look at the office blocks.  How can you compare them?  Remember to use the correct mathematical vocabulary for comparing height – tall, taller, tallest; short, shorter shortest. When comparing we must always place the items at the same starting point otherwise the measurements will not be accurate. Work through the questions and compare the length of ropes.
Then look at your workbook activity.  Work through the questions.  Please send this work in. 


Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Unit 6 Lesson 4

LO: to develop an empathetic response to characters and situations. 

LO: to be able to identify features of a fantasy story set in space.

LO: consider how character, setting and plot affect each other.


Read and follow the instructions and follow the PowerPoint to complete today's lesson.  

Mrs Malone’s group

Read and follow the instructions on the sheet. Remember neat handwriting. 


Lesson 2: We are Photographers.


Follow the PowerPoint for today’s lesson. 



LO:   To be able to identify and describe the structure of a variety of ocean animals.


Lesson 2: Ocean Animals. 

Follow the slides and answer/discuss the questions.  Then complete the worksheet.  Again, either print out the sheet or answer the questions onto paper.  Remember to show neat handwriting and presentation. 


Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org


Watch, listen and follow Ms Glover’s lesson.