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Thursday 4th March

Welcome to World Book Day 2021

Today we are focusing mainly on books and reading.  So let's slip in some maths first and then get on with the fun!!!


Miss Thomas’s group – We are still working on money today.  Remember to use sensible counting when counting up tens coins.  Think in tens rather than ones.  Work your way through the learning sheet and then have a go at the tasks.

Mrs Malone’s group – work through the learning sheet and then complete the work pages

You will receive several codes today by email... look out for them.

One will be a World Book Day Assembly from Mrs Holdaway, then 2 codes for stories by Year 5 and 6 who have recorded some stories for you to listen to and also the code for our next chapter of The Magic Faraway Tree.


Spread them out through the day.  Listen to them all at once.

How ever you do it, just enjoy them!


Share a story LIVE!!


Learn more about books and reading with this live 30 minute show, starting at 10.30am.  Click on the weblink below and learn more about books.

Sharing a story


One of my favourite children's authors is Oliver Jeffers.  You may have some of his books on your bookshelf.  I do!

This story I haven't got though.  It's called, 'The Hueys in the new jumper'. 

It's all about....


Well, click on the link below and find out for yourself!!  There are downloadable activities, just beneaeth the video, based around the book that you could complete.

The rest of the day is your own to investigate books and words and pictures.  I am going to add some activity links here and also some ideas of what you could do.  Try some of them out!  Try ALL of them out!!

Ask your adults to take photos of you doing your bookish activities.  I would love to see what you have been doing.  Perhaps we can collect them together so we can have a look at all the photos of World Book Day when we get back to school.

  • Build a book den, fill it with comfy cushions and sit and read your favourite books or comics in peace.  Remember to take in some drinks and snacks so you don't have to be disturbed!!
  • Choose your favourite book and write a book report.  Try and convince me that I MUST read it.
  • Write your own story.  Perhaps another story about the Hueys.  What might they do next?
  • Design your own book mark.  Remember you are never left alone long enough to finish your favourite book, so you need to mark the page that you got up to.
  • Read your favourite story to your brothers or sister.  Act it out as well if you feel like it.  Even better, get your brothers and sisters, mums and dads to help you act it out!

There are lots more activities that you could try on the World Book Day website.  Click on the link below...

Remember there is also a competition to take part in....

Create book character out of, well, anything!

Can you turn a potato into Where's Wally?

Can you turn a spoon into Harry Potter?


Get your adults to check for more information on last week's newsletter. 

Mrs Holdaway said there would be a prize for the best character. 

So send in a photograph.  Who will win???