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Well done on a great start to your home learning.  I've really enjoyed looking through the work you have been sending in to me.  It's been good to see your own interpretations of the work, particularly the different Theme activities which I set for you.



LO: to learn about a poet


In English this week, we are carrying on with our unit of poetry and you will be following five National Oak Academy lessons.   You will begin with learning about the poet Walter de la Mere and your lessons this week will all be focused on his poem The Listeners.  As you have already completed two of the National Oak Academy’s lessons (Science and Music) and will now understand the format of these lessons.  You will need to make notes as you go through the lesson, as you will build on these throughout the week.  You do not need to send in your English lesson today. 


LO: divide whole numbers to create fractions


Today in Maths, we are beginning our Year 5 lessons on fractions (last week your lessons were a recap of what you learnt in Year 4).  We are learning today how fractions are created by dividing whole numbers.


Have a go at the In Focus question (I have included a box for you to jot down your ideas).  If we were in school completing this lesson you would have discussed the In Focus with your partner so instead, ask an adult or older sibling to see if they could be your partner.  Once you have had a go at the In Focus question work your way through the Let’s Learn slides.  For the Guided Practice I have left the answers for you (aren’t you lucky!) so you can really consolidate your understanding of today’s lesson.  Next, work your way through the worksheets.   Please email your Maths work to me.



For your reading lesson, you will be completing a poetry reading comprehension.  Everyone has the same reading comprehension questions today.  As with last week's the answers are at the end of the work - don't peek!  Wait until you have completed all the questions before you self-mark your work.  Please email your completed work to me.


LO: to investigate measuring forces


Today you will be following lesson 2 in our Forces unit.  Please watch the online lesson via the link to National Oak Academy.  Listen to the video, answer the questions on the worksheet slides and then complete the online quiz.


LO: to understand the parable of The Wise & Foolish Builders


Today’s RE lesson is based on the parable of The Wise & Foolish Builders.  I would like you to watch the video, which tells the story, and then create your own storyboard to retell the story.  You might need to watch the video a few times and make notes as you listen.  This will support you when you create your storyboard.   I have also given you a link to the written parable to support your understanding of the story and the importance of the parable.  You will need to decide which are the six main points of the parable to illustrate in your storyboard.  If you want to create your own storyboard that’s okay, or you can click on the link and download a template.  Please email your completed storyboard to me.