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LO: to simplify mixed number fractions


Today in Maths you will be learning how to simplify mixed number fractions.  Before you start the lesson, we need to remind ourselves what a mixed number fraction is and how to simplify.

Basically, a mixed number fraction is a fraction larger than one whole, eg 1 ½  or 2 ¾. 

Simplifying fractions is making the fraction as small as possible (called simplest form).  For example, 2/4 can become 1/2 and 3/9 can be simplified to 1/3.  Click on the link to relearn about simplifying fractions.

Now, work your way through the Maths No Problem slides and complete the worksheets at the end - they will be the same as we use in class just presented in a word document.  Today, you will not need to complete the In Focus task as journaling.  Email your completed worksheets to me.


LO: to evaluate a poem


Today’s English is evaluating the poem Last Night I Saw the City Breathing.  Listen and read through the poem again, using the link below.

I would like you to think about how the author has made you feel about the poem and why.


For example:

The author has shown seriousness in the poem by using a metaphor of stars for broken shattered windows.


This creates the image in my mind of a derelict boarded up shop. 


Click on the link to open the template to complete today’s work.  Please email your completed work to me.


For your reading lesson, you will be completing a reading comprehension about Michael Morpurgo.  When you have downloaded the link, you will see that there are three different choices marked with stars at the bottom of each page.  The more stars, the trickier the work is!!  Challenge yourself - don't be tempted to go for the easiest one!  You might see that the answer sheets are also attached - don't peek!  Wait until you have completed all the questions before you self-mark your work.


LO: to explore water on our planet


Today’s Water Themed lesson is Geography and you will be finding out about the water on our planet.  I have attached the slides (which we usually go through as a class in our lesson) for you to read.  After you have read these, I would like you to create a non-chronological report based on the information you have read.  This can be presented in any way you wish; such as a poster, information sheet, power point or written report etc.  As a challenge, carry out your own further research about the water on our planet and add this to your report.  Please email today's Geography work to me.


For your PE lesson I would like you to go onto You Tube and choose one of Joe Wicks's PE lessons which he made for the first lockdown.   Why not ask a member of your family to join you!! 


I have attached an 8 times table handwriting practise sheet for you today.