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Today, please send me your English.



LO: to compare and order decimals


In today’s Maths lesson you will be using yesterday’s new knowledge of comparing decimals to order decimals.   We have previously ordered and compared numbers in many Maths lessons, such as place value and fractions so you will know how to layout your work.  You don’t need to complete the In Focus question today, but make sure that you, as you have previously done, work your way competently through the lesson making sure that you have solid understanding of how to read and write the different examples of decimals.  As you will see, I have continued to include the answers to the Let’s Learn and Guided Practice.  Make sure you have an understanding of how the answer has been found – don’t just look at the answer or you won’t be able to successfully complete the workbook.  You will need to remember the main learning from yesterday’s lesson that even if one of the decimals has more digits it is not necessarily the largest number.  You will need to use your place value knowledge to support your understanding.  Look carefully at each question as some of the digits are similar, eg order 0.32, 0.223 and 0.302.  Here the largest number would be 0.32 as there are 3 tenths and 2 hundredths, the next largest is 0.302 as although it also has 3 tenths it has zero hundredths and 2 thousandths.  The smallest is 0.223 as it only has 2 tenths.  So 0.32 is the largest but has the least amount of digits.  There are lots of examples in the work today, but as always, any problems or questions email me.   Answer the workbook questions and then have a go at the challenge.


The Vampire Quest – Chapter Five


If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you will need to do this before starting today’s lesson.


Today, please read the final chapter of The Vampire Quest, rate the book and answer the quiz questions.  Today’s task is based on grammar, in particular nouns and adjectives.  Please click on the link to open today’s work.  You will need to read the extract from the chapter, circle the adjectives and underline the nouns.  Then, you will need to re-write the extract using your own adventurous adjectives.


Click on the link to use the pre-printed sheet.


LO: to create a Dreamgiver


In English today your task is to draw and illustrate your own Dreamgiver.  Be wild with your imagination!  Think about their looks, clothing, movement and most importantly of all – how they create dreams!  Use labels to describe your Dreamgiver.  For example … Her dress is made from rose coloured satin and studded with beautiful cream pearls.  He has enormous, smooth, rounded ears to enable him to hear the slightest movement from children as they wiggle and snuggle in their beds.  In her left hand she carries a small green drawstring bag covered in diamonds.  Inside of which are tiny fairies who sprinkle the unsuspecting children’s objects with magic confetti to begin their night of sweet dreams.


Please send your finished Dreamgiver to me – I’m excited to see your illustrations and examples of how your Dreamgiver creates dreams.

‘Catch Up’ 

Use this time to catch up with any work you didn’t get a chance to do throughout the week,  do some extra practise with something you found challenging or to investigate an area you found interesting. 



And BREATH!  Take some time to feel proud of yourself and recognise how well you have done.  Choose an activity that you love doing, like colouring, drawing, playing a game, cooking or reading and ENJOY IT.  We are ALL proud of you.  You really deserve this time for you!