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Just two tasks to send in today: English and maths.  Just ask for help with reading if it is too hard for you to follow any of the answers. 



  • Read the tasks carefully, so you have completed the task fully.
  • Send in by email the tasks that have (SEND IN) next to them.

English (SEND IN)


LO: To analyse an opening scene.

In this lesson, you will complete a sentence level task, further analyse the film clip considering aspects beyond the main character and record ideas as planning to support writing later in the unit.


  1. Complete the sentence level activity: improve the sentence as instructed. Write the original sentence, then re-write it underneath each time, as you add or amend part of it each time. You should end up with 4 sentences, including the original, for this section.
  2. Work through the first example.  This will help you understand what you need to do later.
  3. For each one of the final three images make notes about the setting, what you can hear and what the other characters are doing.  Play each clip a few times, rather than just once, as you may notice different things each time.  Can you have a different planning page for each scene?
  4. Remember to have your planning from the previous lessons in front of you, as you have already noted down location, action and feeling for each one of these scenes.  You can add these to your planning page as your starting point. 
  5. Compare your ideas to Miss. Smiths: can you add any of her ideas to your planning sheets now in a different colour?

Below is the work we have completed in class this morning:  We ended up with 5 planning sheets with our ideas on.  


Use the mark scheme and become the marker!  Look back at the work you did last week and mark as many of the questions as you can and feel confident with.  Remember that we have been through how the mark scheme is set out in class.  The actual answers start on p7.  Remember for the 2 and 3 mark answers you may need to decide whether you have hit any of the ‘acceptable points’.


If you are not sure how many points you would get on any – just email me in the ones you are unsure about and I will feedback to you; however, tell me how many you think you will get first.  Really take your time to understand the mark scheme. 


If you didn't complete the questions last week:  look back at last week's reading lessons and have a go at them today.

Maths (SEND IN)


Maths No Problem

LO: To be able to convert between centimetres and metres.

Look at the ‘In Focus’ task and follow the thoughts and questions underneath through.  Jot down your thoughts and any workings as you work through – how did my friend go wrong?  Read through how our friends worked through the task.


  1. Guided practise
  2. Worksheet 2. Q 1-4 at least. Remember to use the conversion chart to support your calculations: Watch the Corbet Maths videos to help you remember the relationships if you need to.


Extension:  challenge question

The above is the journal we have completed this morning in class.  Remember to show and explain your method in your journal.

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO: Converting Length Part 1.

Have a go at the intro quiz – can you get 6 out of 6?

Next watch the video and work through the lesson, where you will explore and use the relationship between centimetres and millimetres.


  1. Complete the worksheet.  Either write the questions and answers on a sheet of paper, or you can download the worksheet by clicking on the download symbol which is just above the worksheet on the right hand side.
  2. Now have a go at the exit quiz.


Sofa/Bench Workout

  • Slowly sit down on the sofa, then jump up off the sofa 3 times have a rest and repeat
  • Feet on floor, hands on sofa, keeping back flat (front support position) bend and straighten arms (press up) make sure your tummy does not drop! 3 times have a rest and repeat

Hands on sofa and pretend you are running up a building. Try and get your knees close to your chest when running and keep your arms straight. Can you run 30 times without stopping?

KS2 Challenge – How many sit ups can you do with your feet over or under the sofa/bench? Can you sit up all the way to touch your toes?


Dreams and Goals

This half term in PSHE the puzzle piece is Dreams and Goals. We will be thinking about what goals we have and how we can achieve them. What goals have we already achieved and how did you do it? Can you help others to achieve their Dreams and Goals? How can you encourage someone else to keep going to reach their goal?

This week you need to think about what you might like to do when you are older.


  1. Note down the profession you would like to go into and give your reasons.
  2. Underneath this, note down any skills and qualifications you would need to be able to have this profession.  For example, would you need to be a good communicator, organiser or have good leadership skills; would you need to have a degree, BTECs or could you qualify through an apprenticeship?

A good way to investigate this is on the National Careers Service website.  Try the link below to investigate your chosen profession. Type in the profession on the search box and it will give you average salaries, qualifications and skills needed.