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Today, please send me your Maths, English and Science



This week in Maths we are reviewing what you have learnt since the start of Year 5.  Today the questions are based on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.   Make sure you read the questions carefully before you attempt to answer them.  When you have finished check through your work (just like you would do in school).   I have attached a place value chart and times table square which you might find helpful.  I have emailed links to 3 videos - today you will need to watch the one titled Maths for Week 6.  The other two are for tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Please send your work to me.


LO: to write a setting description


Our English this week is based on a short, animated story called The Little Shoemaker.  Click on the link to watch the story.  Your task today is to describe the Shoemaker’s shop.  Watch the clip again, this time making notes about what the shop such as: the colours you see; the objects around the shop; the size of the shop; what the shop looks like from the outside; where the shop is located etc.  When you have done this, you will need to write a setting description of the shop to match what you see on the clip.  You might want to watch the clip a few times as the shop appears at different times throughout the story.  Remember that when we write a setting description we use all our senses to describe what we can see, hear, smell, touch and feel.  Vary how you write the use of your senses.  For example, don’t just say - The shoemaker’s workshop smelt of leather; He could see lots of shoes; He touched the shoes and they were made of leather etc.  Use your writing skills of show not tell to describe your setting.  You could say … The aroma in the Shoemaker’s workshop was delightful.  It exuded the opulent smell of leather.  The shop was located on a cobbled street nestled amongst other retailers.  Please send me your completed setting description.


The Thought Snatcher – Chapter One


This week’s book is a Level 2 mystery thriller.  Today, you will need to read the first chapter of The Thought Snatcher, cast your vote as to what you think will happen next and complete the quiz.  Your task today is to look at the words listed below, find them in the book and read the sentence where they are written.  After that I want you to write a sentence for each word so it is in context with the story (reading domain 2a: give/explain the meaning of words in context).


admit    crawl     junk      proud     fibs    gunge       scrambled    telling tales


There is a link for the pre-printed sheet if you would like to use it.


LO: to compare Jesus’s healings with modern day practices


Last week in RE you learnt the story of the Jesus and the Ten Lepers; today you will be learning more stories of how Jesus healed others.  You need to research other stories of how Jesus helped to heal others.  I have found a few to help you get started (click on the link).  When you have read the stories and found at least 3 more of your own, I want you to consider how these healings compare with modern day practises.  Think about what we do if you are ill or need help with medical care.  Present your research in a creative way which shows that you have made comparisons between Jesus and modern day.


LO: to understand the impact that gears, levers and pulleys have on forces


Today is the last lesson in our Forces unit of work.  As usual, complete the quiz on last week’s lesson, follow the online lesson and slides and then complete the exit quiz.  Your task today is to combine all your knowledge of forces which you have learnt over the last 6 weeks.  I would like you to create a fact poster about the different forces and give an example of each. Use the notes you have been making each lesson to support you with this activity.   Please send in your finished Forces posters to me.