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L.O: to solve word problems


We will be continuing with solving word problems involving weight. Today, the word problems will require you to use your knowledge and methods of multiplication and division.


To start with answer your ‘In Focus’ question which is on the first page. As we would normally discuss this with our partners at school, see if there is an adult or older brother or sister to talk to about it. Please use the box on this page record your answer and methods.


Next look at the ‘Guided Practice’ which shows you some of the different style questions. I have left the answers on the worksheet so you can see the setting out and how to go about answering these types of questions. Look carefully at how bar models can be used to support you.


Now it is your turn! Have a go at the ‘Independent Practice’ which is a copy of the worksheet that you would have completed in your MNP workbooks at school. Try to complete the first page, the second page is quite difficult today so do not worry if this is too challenging, we will go through this when we are back at school.


Please could you email this piece of work to me.

Both files are the same but as PDF and word document to help you


L.O: to use dictionaries


For today’s English lesson you will be using a dictionary to find the meaning of some key words: character, dialogue, narrative and narrator. If you have a dictionary at home, use this but if not don’t worry you can still search for the words using an online dictionary.

Dictionaries can be used to look up the meaning of a word, to check the spelling of a word or to find information about a word.


Watch the BBC Bitesize video to remind yourself about how to search for a word in a dictionary.


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


Although we are in lockdown, the expectation is for the children to still read 3 times a week for 10 minutes. Below is instructions and a link to oxford owl where an account has been created to provide the children with some ebooks.


Username: Leighclass3

Password: Book1234

L.O: to retrieve information


For reading today we will continue to read ‘Maximus Gladiator’ on Fiction Express. If you are unsure of your login, please email me at year3@leigh.covmat.org and I will resend it.


We will read the second chapter, ‘The Ring’, so please select this as you open up the book. If you need to remind yourself of what happened previously then you should go back a few pages to reread this. At the end of the chapter, vote on who you think grabs Max’s arm.


Today’s questions are from content domain 2b - Retrieve and record information/identify key details from fiction and non-fiction.

  1.  Who travelled back in time with Max?
  2.  What can Tina and Max hear from the vomitorium?
  3.  What happens to the ring?


Please could you email this piece of work to me.


L.O: to group rocks


Look at the pictures of the different rocks on the slides, think carefully about how you could organise these rocks into groups. The next slides will show you some different ideas about how they can be grouped.  


Look carefully at the Venn diagram slides as this is what we will be using today. For today’s work you should draw your own Venn diagram, look on the slides to help you and come up with your own way of organising these rocks. Write the number of the rock or cut out the rocks and stick them into your Venn diagram.


As an extra challenge have a think about the answer to this question:

Why do you think it is important to be able to group rocks according to their characteristics?


L.O: to say animals in French


Watch the video below which explains that there are two different ways of saying a in French, un and une.


Go through the Powerpoint which will go through some different names of animals in French. Listen carefully to the pronunciation and have a go at saying these.