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Welcome to week 6 of our home learning! You are doing so well, please keep up the good work. Remember to email the tasks highlighted in red. Always try your best, we are so proud of you 😊


Yellow group-Practise writing the sound ’e’, check you have written it the right way round.  Think of 3 words with the ‘e’ sound in e.g. egg, elk. Write these words using your Fred-fingers to help you sound each out- e-gg - egg. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 sounds.








Green group- practise writing the sound ’r’.  Think of a word with the r sound in e.g. red, ray. Write a sentence using your word e.g. ‘The red rocket zooms high.  Use your Fred-fingers to help you sound out your words and make sure you have a finger space between each word. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 & 2 sounds.








Number bonds to 10. Share the song 10 Green bottles again. This time have 10 items lined up to represent the bottles so that each time, you can knock one down. Each time one is knocked down, look and say how many are standing and how many are down. These numbers add together each time to make 10. SEND IN


Last week we thought about something we would like to get better at doing, I wished I was able to run further. Today I would like you to celebrate something you think you can do really well. I think I can make a tasty chicken curry (it is much better than Mr Miskin's smiley).

Draw a picture or take a photo of you doing something well and send it to me. I know lots of things that you can all do well and I cannot wait to see your pictures. SEND IN


Try out the PE challenge below-


Run on the spot for 30 seconds.

5 jumping jacks.

March like soldiers for 30 seconds, remember high knees!

Sprint like sonic for 20 seconds.

Stretch up tall, then crouch down low touching your toes and repeat 10 times.

Jumping side to side 10 times, try and jump with feet together.

Slow it down now and march for 30 seconds.

Tip toe slowly round without touching anyone or anything for 30 seconds.

You can also visit Go Noodle to take part in lots of physical activities: