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Don't forget that today at 10.30am there is a Zoom meeting for our class run by the School Mental Health Team to discuss skills for coping with change, understanding acceptance, and becoming resilient.  I look foward to seeing you there!  If you don't already have Zoom downloaded, click on the link for further information.  If you need the login details again for the meeting, please email me.

Please send in your Maths and English today.


LO: to read and write decimal numbers


Today’s lesson is the next step in decimals.  You don’t need to complete the In Focus question today but make sure that you, as you have previously done, work your way competently through the lesson making sure that you have solid understanding of how to read and write the different examples of decimals.  As you will see, I have continued to include the answers to the Let’s Learn and Guided Practice.  Make sure you have an understanding of how the answer has been found – don’t just look at the answer or you won’t be able to successfully complete the workbook.  You will see today that fractions are involved, showing you how you can convert a simple decimal into a fraction.  For example, 2 tenths is written as 0.2.  You can hear that they are tenths so the denominator in your fraction would be 10 and your numerator would be 2 as there are 2 tenths to make 2/10.  If you are writing 3 hundredths it would be 0.03, your denominator would be 100 as you are referring to hundredths and there are 3 of them to make 3/100.   Answer the workbook questions and then have a go at the challenge.  Please email me your work today.


LO: to recall key events from an animated story


Today in English your task is to create a story mountain of the Dreamgiver.  To enable you to do this you will need to watch the film at least twice today.  When you watch for the second time make notes of the main parts of the story.  Remember, that you always need a beginning, middle and end in your story mountain.  Within this you will also need to include the dilemma and how that dilemma is solved.  Think back to when you wrote your story volcano for Mai-Ling when she had to defeat the dragon.  When writing on your story mountain, remember to use notes or bullet points.   Tomorrow, you will be using your story mountain to retell the story in your own words.  Please send your completed story mountain to me.


Click on the link to open up the story mountain for you to use or you can create your own.


The Vampire Quest – Chapter Two


If you haven’t read chapter one you will need to do this before starting today’s lesson.


Today, as usual, please read the next chapter of The Vampire Quest, cast your vote and answer the quiz questions.  Today’s lesson is loosely based on retrieval.  Please click on the link to download and complete the word search.  All the words were in today’s chapter of The Vampire Quest (reading domain 2b: retrieve and record information / identify key details from fiction and non-fiction).


For this week’s PE lesson there are 6 challenges to choose from. You will need to use your skills of balance, speed, agility and co - ordination.  Mr Ashby says that if you ask someone to take a picture of you doing the activities, he would love to see them.  Please email them to me and I will pass them onto him.


Being Healthy


The puzzle piece this half term is Being Healthy.  This week you will be thinking about taking responsibility for being healthy.  Click on the link to find out about Mrs Entwistle’s lesson for this week.