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Day 2


Today we will be continuing our work on our 3 times tables - please watch the attatched video and complete the independent work and quiz included.

Please also have a go at the task on negative numbers - I have included 3 different difficulty sheets below. This is a concept we haven't covered before so it may be tricky but I think you can do it! Send me pictures of your work so I can see how you do!


This half term we have been taking a close look at poetry. Today, I would like the children to write a haiku poem! A haiku poem is a 3 line poem, made up of 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second and 5 on the final line. I would like the poem to be about stopping bullying, as it is anti bullying week and we have also been covering this in our music lessons! I have written an example of my own below.


Please stop bullying

It makes us feel so upset

Make the right choices


Please practice your handwriting and spelling of some of the key words for years 3 and 4 on the sheet below. Send it to me so I can see your fabulous handwriting!


Please read for 10 minutes one of your reading books you have at home with you. If you have already read your reading books, I have created an account on oxford owl (link below) for you to have access to free ebooks. Just follow the link, click 'my class login' and enter the following details.


Username: misshinton

Passwork: Book1234

Once logged in, you can search for books based on their reading levels by searching 'levels' and then 'book bands'. If you can't remember your reading level, please drop me an email.


Please make a PREDICTION about what you think could happen next in the story, or if you've finished the story, what you think their next book would be about!


In Geography, we have been taking a close look at maps and this week we were going to be taking a close look at the symbols on maps. Please follow along with this oak academy video and then take the quiz. Let me know what you got as your result, and an interesting fact you have discovered via email!

Anti-bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week. To celebrate this, I am issuing you with a challenge to create a poster with either things we can do to stop bullying, or tell me some things that would class as bullying (and therefore shouldn't be done)!

I will be holding a competition for the best anti-bullying poster - when we are back in school I will put this up in the classroom and the winner will receive a prize from my goody bag. Send in your anti-bullying posters to the email to be checked!