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Monday 8th February

Good Morning Year 2. 

Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for a new week of school work? 

Today we have Maths, English, Science, handwriting, phonics and music.  Please send in Maths, English and Science to year2@leigh.covmat.org



Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Mrs Bennett’s group

LO: To be able to read and interpret a picture graph with a scale of 1:5.

Text Book

To start, look at the string of beads in the In Focus task. A chart would be helpful to represent the beads, a tally chart would be the most efficient way to record the number of different items in a large amount.

You can represent the beads by using objects.  This time each cube is going to stand for 5 because the tally chart shows groups of 5. Look at Ruby's and Sam's chart tally chart. Their information is from the tally chart, but shows a cube to represent 5.  Do their charts say the same thing?  Which chart is giving the correct information?  Look at the questions and see if you can answer them. 

Work book – your turn! Send in this work. 

Complete the answers to the questions, remember to look at the symbol to see how much 1 picture represents.


Mrs Malone’s group

You have to match the numbers and complete the number sentences, so make sure they make sense.


Please see you email for a link to a video explaining today's English work.  


Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Unit 5 Lesson 9

Please follow the instructions and look at the PowerPoint slides to help you complete todays work.  There are a lot of slides but also lots of discussion and thinking. 


Mrs Malone’s group

Go through your speed sounds.  Then answer the question; If you could have any fantasy pet what would it be and why?



Lesson 6

Have a go at the words on the handwriting sheet. 

There is no need to print out the sheet.  Just copy each word.  Can you put these words into a sentence? 


Have a go at these phonics games. 

Alien Escape

Click on the play button to play and the arrow in the top right corner to enlarge the screen.  When the picture appears, rearrange the letter tiles to make the word that what is in the picture.  Click the play button next to the picture to hear the picture. 

Spooky sounds

If you scroll down the page the instructions for this game are in the black box. 


LO: Finding out how to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Today is the last lesson of the lesson of the Science topic Growth and Survival. 


This week I would like you to read through the slides and answer or discuss the questions being asked on the slides.  Then complete the set work.


This week I would like you to read through the slides and answer or discuss the questions being asked on the slides.  Then complete the set work.

Today’s lesson is all about healthy eating. After reading through the slides and discussing/answering the questions create your own healthy plate of food.  You can either draw your plate, print off the sheet with the plate on, create your own real plate of food on a real plate or make your own healthy food with items you have in your house (like Lego, play doh etc).  Be creative!

After this please fill in the evaluation of this terms topic, again there is no need to print this out. You can create your own evaluation sheet.


Watch, listen and follow Ms Glover’s lesson.