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Tuesday 20.07.21



Follow the Let's Learn section and complete the worksheet





We have been learning our Year 1 common exception words throughout the year. Now have a go at completing a word search or two.





Can you write any sentences containing a common exception word and the conjunction and?


I have written one as an example to help you.  

My best friend is called Jim and he lives in Coventry.





Please choose a book to suit your child's reading ability.





As we are at the end of Year 1 we are going to look back at all of  our experiences over the past year.  Think about all the different things that you have learned, your favourite book, who your best friends in the class are and what you are looking forward to doing over the summer break.




I have included the links to many of our favourite dance -a -long tracks.

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Just Dance 3 Dynamite

Just Dance 4 What Makes You Beautiful

Just Dance Kids 2 I Am A Gummy Bear

Just Dance Kids 2 Despicable Me