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World Book Day:

As we have been celebrating world book day this week, I would like you to use the whole morning (3 lessons) to complete some world book day activities. I will also be sending you a link to an assembly about world book day this morning. 


To link this with our unit of poetry, I would like you to write an acrostic poem for ‘WORLD BOOK DAY’. We have looked at acrostic poems in the past but if you would like to remind yourself about these then please see the link below.


Mrs Holdaway and Miss Askew have been working hard to plan some activities for world books day and I have listed them below. See if you can have a go at some of these.


Share a story:

Choose one of the stories in the ‘Share a Story Corner’ linked below and watch the video of it being shared. After click, ‘download fun activities’ and have a go at some of these.



Build a story den:

Build a story den at home or in the classroom for you to share stories in and send in your photos.  Simple sheets are fine – for example a sheet over a couple of chairs.


A-Z of authors:

Can you find a children’s author whose surname begins with each letter of the alphabet?


As well as this there are some whole school challenges to complete.


Make a Character Challenge:

Decorate an item at home as a book character. Choose any item you like: paper plate, potato, pebble, wooden spoon, shoe box, lolly stick. 

There will be a prize for the best ‘Character’ in each phase (Year 3/4 for us)


Reading Challenge:

Try and complete each of the challenges on the worksheet below, ticking the stars off each time you complete one.  When you have completed as many as you can, bring it into school or send a photo and you will get a certificate.  

Here are some more World Book Day resources that I thought you might enjoy! 


Work set by Mrs Entwistle:


This half term we are learning about Healthy Me. We will be looking at ways to stay health and how different things can affect our health. This week you are going to create a friendship circle. Please just write in the initials (to protect anonymity) of friends (and family members) in the relevant circles as follows:

• In the innermost circle are the friends/family that are closest to you; your best friends, and closest family members;

• In the second circle your good friends, next closest family, (but who you regard as not the closest);

• In the third circle friends who you know less well (perhaps people at groups or societies, relatives you see occasionally etc.);

• In the fourth circle, acquaintances (for example, neighbours, friends of friends etc.) Briefly explain why you have put the different people in different places on the chart.

For P.E today you can be active in any way you would like! Go for a walk, complete a workout video from Youtube, play outside etc.