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Three tasks to send in today: English, Maths and DT.  


  • Read the tasks carefully, so you have completed the task fully.
  • Send in by email the tasks that have (SEND IN) next to them.


Read the tasks carefully.


Remember that we are adding WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like) as we go along in the classroom, so have a look at ours, so that you know what is expected.

English (SEND IN)

LO: To write an opening.

In this lesson, you will practice writing a complex sentence, analyse a model piece of writing and write your own opening scene based on the film clip.


If you have NOT completed all of the previous lessons: you need to go back and complete them, as you will need the planning and work from the lessons to help you today!  Remember that we have uploaded some WAGOLLs, as well as everything being explained by the teacher within the lesson. 

  • Work through the complex sentence activity.
  • Write the opening scene: making sure you use ambitious adjectives, specific verb choices and complex sentences.
  • You should have two or three sentences for each image, so your end piece of writing should be at least 10 sentences long (written as a paragraph).
  • The teacher shows you how to approach the task by modelling the first and the third image – you just have to then do this for each image…
  • You will need your notes that you have written so far.
  • If it helps: I've made a Word document with the images already in, which you can write your sentences next to.
Our WAGOLL that Ellie wrote in class this morning: a great job, I'm sure you'll agree! Underneath is also one that has been emailed in - WOW.

‘Mrs. Holdaway’s Group’

Open up the Word document below and work through the activities linked to the lesson above.

Below is an excellent piece of work received today from Joshua – well done!  What a great WAGOLL!



  1. Complete ‘Section 2’ of the 2016 Sample KS2 SATs Paper: Giant.
  2. Once you have answered, check the mark scheme – don’t look first: it doesn’t help you learn.  Try and work out what marks you would get for Q21; however, I will feedback specifically on this question to you.

Maths (SEND IN)


Maths No Problem

LO: To be able to convert between grams and kilograms..

Look at the ‘In Focus’ task.  The key to this task is looking closely at what the grocer has typed into the calculator and comparing that to what weight is on the scales – you may need to increase your zoom within Word to be able to see the calculator clearly.  Jot down your thoughts and any workings as you work through.


  1. Guided Practice
  2. Worksheet 4.  Complete Q1 – 4 at least. Remember to use the conversion chart to support your calculations: Watch the Corbett Maths videos to help you remember the relationships if you need to.

 Extension:  challenge question

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO: Converting Length Part 2.

Have a go at the intro quiz – can you get 6 out of 6?

Next watch the video and work through the lesson, where you will explore and use the relationship between units of measurement of capacity, length and mass.


  1. Complete the worksheet.  Either write the questions and answers on a sheet of paper, or you can download the worksheet by clicking on the download symbol which is just above the worksheet on the right hand side.
  2. Now have a go at the exit quiz.


LO: To explore how to make burger patties.

Look through the slideshow presentation to find out about different types of patties, as well as different ways they are cooked.  Choose one of the patties to make: turkey beef or vegetarian!  Make sure there is an adult to help you!

  1. Follow the recipe and instructions to make your patty!
  2. Take photographs of the different stages to send in.
  3. Can you answer the questions on the last slide?


In this lesson, you are going to explore how music is organised and look at music with 4 beats in a bar.  Follow the lesson through.