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Hooray you made it!  Six whole weeks of remote learning.  Be very proud of yourselves - give yourselves a massive pat on the back (and your adults/siblings who have supported you along the way!)  Today is our last day of remote learning for a week.  Relax and enjoy your week off learning - you deserve it!  I'm proud of each and every one of you with the work that you have been sending in each day and your positivity and perseverance to your own learning.  I've uploaded a video message for you - a link has been sent by email.


I have uploaded the final part of Cloud Busting - the link has been sent by email.  I really hope you enjoyed the story told through poem.  Both Mrs Bailey and I would love to hear what you thought of the story.  We certainly enjoyed reading it to you.  It was a very thought provoking and poignant story about friendships, how we treat each other and what we can learn from our peers.


Today, please send in your English, which is designing a new pair of magical shoes.




As you have worked so hard this term and spent this week completing reviews, today’s Maths is interactive games.  You need to go on Times Tables Rockstars (email me if you need your password).  Don’t forget that I can see when you have played on Times Tables Rockstars.  Then you can go onto the Topmarks website and choose which games you would like to play.  Choose games from these categories – multiplication and division; addition and subtraction; place value; times tables; or problem solving.  Click on the link to go to the Topmarks site.  Have fun!


LO: to design your own pair of magical shoes


Click on the link to watch the story again, focusing today on the different shoes.  Your task today is to design your own pair of magical shoes for The Little Shoemaker to make.  Think about who the shoes will be designed for and what their purpose is.  For example, you might want to design a new pair of trainers for teenagers; ‘going out’ shoes for a special occasion; bridal shoes; a child’s first pair of shoes; or winter wellies etc.  You will need to label your design clearly, so The Little Shoemaker knows what to make them from, which colour fabrics to use and which embellishments to finish with etc.  Be creative, magical and imaginative! I can’t wait to see your finished design when you’ve emailed it to me!


The Thought Snatcher


If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you will need to catch up before starting today’s lesson.


Today, I would like you to read the final chapter of The Thought Snatcher, rate the book and complete the quiz.  Your task today is another grammar based activity focusing on nouns and pronouns.  Click on the link to read the excerpt from the final chapter.  You will need to re-write this replacing some of the nouns with pronouns.  Remember a pronoun replaces a noun to avoid repetition.  Examples are given on the attached worksheet.


There is a link for the pre-printed sheet which you will need to use today.

‘Catch Up’ 

Use this time to catch up with any work you didn’t get a chance to do throughout the week,  do some extra practise with something you found challenging or to investigate an area you found interesting. 




And BREATH!  Take some time to feel proud of yourself and recognise how well you have done.  Choose an activity that you love doing, like colouring, drawing, playing a game, cooking or reading and ENJOY IT.  We are ALL proud of you.  You really deserve this time for you!