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An apology: whilst uploading, I missed the DT for yesterday afternoon, which I have now added in yesterday's information.  If you could read through it at some point that would be great: I'm not expecting anything to be handed in for it, but you will need to at least have read the slide show. Thanks for your patience!



LO: To use generate vocabulary to describe a character.

In this lesson, you will revise definitions for key words, analyse the opening scene of the film and generate vocabulary to describe the main character. 


  1. Work through the lesson.
  2.  Complete the tasks throughout the lesson – using ambitious vocabulary.

Reading (SEND IN)

SATs Paper 2015

Read and complete the questions about Text 3:  California’s Unlikely Warriors.

Remember to keep your answers safe, as you will need them next week.

Maths (SEND IN)


Maths No Problem

LO: Dividing a decimal by a two-digit number

Work through the ‘In Focus Task’ on paper jotting your ideas down.


  1. Complete the ‘Guided Practice’ section of the lesson. 
  2. Complete Worksheet 14.  Complete Q1 at least.  If feeling confident complete Q2 also: remember to use the method shown.  

Extension:  challenge question

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO: Multiplying and dividing by 100.

Have a go at the intro quiz – can you get 6 out of 6?

Next watch the video and work through the lesson, which will show you how to multiply and divide by 100.


  1. Complete the worksheet.  Either write the questions and answers on a sheet of paper, or you can download the worksheet by clicking on the download symbol which is just above the worksheet on the right hand side.
  2. Now have a go at the exit quiz.

Extension:  Can you complete ‘part 2’ also?


Read through the information on the PowerPoint thinking about what influences your actions and decision-making. 


Print out the first sheet on the resources document.  Cut out and select the jigsaw pieces that best show the influences affecting your views. You can also fill in two blank pieces with their own ideas, then put your chosen pieces together to create a 3x3 jigsaw. 


LO: to understand pulse and rhythm

For our Music lessons, you will be following a National Oak Academy unit.  The unit I have chosen for you to complete is Pulse and Metre 1.  Click on the link to start your first lesson.  These lessons expect participation so if you don’t want to be lonely why not ask someone in your family to join in with you!