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Please send in your Maths, Reading and Geography today



Being Super – Chapter Three




Today, I would like you to read Chapter Three of Being Super, cast your vote as to what will happen next, complete the quiz and then complete the following inference questions (reading domain 2d: make inferences from the text / explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text)


1)  Did you think the author was able to sustain the tension and excitement throughout this chapter? How does he do this?


2)  Did you think there was enough action in this chapter?  Explain your answer - don't just say yes or no!! Which part of the chapter did you find most exciting?  Describe it.


As yesterday, I have attached a sheet for you to answer on if this is easier.  Please email me your answers.



LO: to add unlike fractions


Today’s Maths is looking at adding fractions with different denominators.  Now, you’ve always been taught that when you add fractions the denominator stays the same.  However, today’s lesson is adding fractions with two different denominators, eg 2/4 + 3/8.  To do this you will need to make both denominators the same.  In this example you would make the 2/4 into 4/8 by doubling the numerator and denominator.  You sum would then be 4/8 + 3/8 = 7/8.  Please do the In Focus task and then, as previous lessons, take your time in going through the Let’s Learn so you have a solid understanding.  Remember, when you are finding equivalent fractions you need to find a common multiple to make both denominators the same.  As usual, I’ve left the answers for you in Guided Practice.  Make sure that you are working through the questions and understanding how to work them out – don’t just look at the answers.  This won’t help you when you come to completing the two worksheets.  Don’t forget to have a go at the challenge.  Please email your Maths work to me today.


LO: to explore pronouns


Today’s lesson linked to our persuasive writing is focusing on pronouns and how we use them to replace a noun if it has already been used in the previous sentence or in the main clause of a sentence.  As with all our English lessons you will need to participate and make notes where the teacher asks you to.  You can make notes of your own too.  These will then build throughout the two weeks to enable you to complete your final independent piece of writing. 



As last week, please complete both of the Arithmetic lessons.  If you are in my group for Arithmetic, ask an adult or older sibling to help you (just like I would do in our group).  I have attached both a power point and a word document of the slides as I know some of you had problems accessing the power point last week.


LO: to explore why we need water and how we use it


The Geography lesson today is looking at the impact water has on our lives and how we use it.  Look through the lesson slides (like we would do in our school lesson).  Your activity today is to create a poster of top tips on how we can conserve water.  Don’t forget to make your poster look colourful and creative so it would catch the eye of the reader.  Please email your finished poster to me.